Beko's new campaign transports viewers into a classic murder mystery plot-- a true delight to watch
Posted on 2024 Apr,24  | By ArabAd's staff

Appliances so durable, they might just outlive their owners. This is the message behind 'The Beko Inheritance,' a new campaign by Beko, one of the top three large home appliance brands in Europe, setting out to redefine industry standards in the category.

Launching across markets in Europe and the Middle East, this innovative campaign is sure to grab viewers’ attention with its unique blend of creativity, humour, and an underlying serious message. 

At its heart is a captivating branded film produced by VML Germany & UK in collaboration with acclaimed OB42 director Jack Howard. Renowned for his work on numerous short films and television series, Howard brings a fresh perspective to storytelling, infusing the campaign with a perfect balance of seriousness and comedic flair.

The film transports viewers into a classic murder mystery scenario, featuring brilliant performances by an ensemble cast including Brendan Patricks (Downton Abbey), Ross Hatt (The Gentlemen), and Marty Cruckshank (The Crown).

As tensions rise during a family dispute over a presumed family heirloom, the unexpected reveal at the will reading leaves audiences both surprised and amused.

In a final ingenious twist, the coveted family heirloom is unveiled to be none other than a Beko fridge, symbolizing the enduring quality and longevity of Beko appliances.



From the carefully selected location to thoughtfully designed sets, expert cinematography, seamless editing and immersive sound design, every detail of the production is designed to immerse viewers into the heart of the genre. 

"In our journey to elevate the everyday, we recognize the value of our customers’ time. Our campaign goes beyond traditional advertising; it’s a compelling narrative that resonates and brings joy, drawing viewers into a world where creativity flourishes and enduring quality is revered. We are looking to disrupt the category and generate conversation around our durability promise," says Akin Garzanli, Chief Marketing Officer at Beko

The campaign does not stop with the film, but it is activated by The Beko Inheritance Addendum, a physical document allowing its holder to officially pass on their Beko appliance to their loved ones. Influencer content around the Addendum and on-site events in retail spaces across each market further amplify the campaign’s reach and impact. 

"It's inspiring to see a brand get behind their products like Beko does. And to combine that with the bravery of bold storytelling and story doing. You feel the quality in every detail of this exciting collaboration between client, agency, and production partners!" says Bas Korsten, Global Chief Creative Officer Innovation at VML.

The Beko Inheritance film released via YouTube has already garnered over 17,5 Million viewers in only two weeks.






Müge Gök Çakırtaş - Executive Director-Global Brand Mng.
Deniz Hamaloğlu - Director-Digital Marketing
Serena Siliki - Sr. Lead Digial Acquisition & Media
Batıhan Tuna Tosun - Lead-Digital Channel Management
Mehmet Alper Taylan - Lead-Marketing Technologies  
Nilay Eralp - Director-Beko Brand Mng.&BPM
Nihal Arınık İmamoğlu - Head-Beko Brand Management
Doğu Taş - Specialist-Beko Brand Management
Görkem Gör - Director-Global Content Studio
Tayfun Uğuzluoğlu - Head - Content Plato
Irmak Öztürk - Lead - Content Plato
Murat Balçık - Senior Lead-Content Creation



Bas Korsten, Chief Creative Officer VML EMEA, Global Chief Creative Officer Innovation

Simona Suman, Chief Creative Officer, VML Germany

Tom Drew, Executive Creative Director, VML UK

Bruno Damião, Creative Director, VML Germany

Phil Siegle, Creative Director VML UK

Tiffany Chung, Creative Director, VML Germany

Winston Says, Senior Copywriter, VML Germany

Breno Chiavelli, Senior Art Director, VML Germany

Matthias Dahm, Senior Motion Designer, VML Germany

Sakuya Miesczalok, Art Director, VML Germany

Laura Hallensleben, Copywriter, VML Germany

Bella Danon, Executive Producer VML UK

Chris Pencakowski, Senior Producer VML UK

Isabel Chapman, Assistant Producer VML UK

Esther Reid, Case Study Junior Producer VML UK

Stephen McIntyre, Senior Broadcast Affairs Manager VML UK

James Irvine, Client Partner, VML UK

Alex Moore, Business Director VML UK

Rachel Anthony, Account Manager VML UK

Nadine Hadidi, Group Account Director, VML Germany

Ailish Dempsey Influencer Manager, VML UK

Danny Baylis, Delivery Director, VML UK

Julian Poole, Programme Director, VML UK

Abbie Keen, Project Manager VML UK

Ceren Oezen, Senior Project Manager VML Germany

Gabrielle Bennett, Junior UX Designer, VML UK

Jonothan Hunt, Senior Creative Technologist, VML UK



Jack Howard, Director & Editor (OB42 London)

Ender Sevim & Merve Yalcinkaya, Executive Producers

Birol Akbaba, Producer

Ciaran O'Brien, Director Of Photography

Benjamin Squires, Composer

Tural Polat, Art Director

Hakan Öztürk, Costume Design

Dan Pugsley, Sound Design

Megan Lee, Color Grading (Electric Theatre Collective)

Ekim Karakoc & Yagmur Yildiz, Assistant Producers

Ezgi Erim, Post Production Coordinator