Emirates’ new spot stars an incredible CGI goose with a taste for luxury
Posted on 2022 Sep,01  | By ArabAd's staff

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Untold Studios’ Ben Cronin directs the latest spot for Emirates starring Gerry, a wayward goose who likes to travel in style and ends up on a gratifying trip via Emirates.

Beginning in an idyllic naturalistic setting, the unexpected lead protagonist Gerry, a photorealistic Canada goose, part ways with his flock and opt for luxury flight.

The charming star, Gerry the Goose, is tucked into a four course meal whilst watching The Goose the Bad and the Ugly on an Emirates flight, before waving at his his weary flock who flap past the window.

Ben Cronin, Director & Creative Director at Untold Studios, explains, “I loved this script instantly and knew it was an endearing story to tell. Our VFX team did an amazing job bringing Gerry to life, especially as CGI birds are incredibly difficult to get right! We had a lot of fun making this spot and we hope everyone enjoys its playful spirit.”

Cronin managed to create a palpable sense of luxury, comfort and enjoyment throughout the spot, mixing premium natural history cinematography with shots of the stylish interior of the Emirates Premium Economy cabin.

Moreover, the nuanced and amusing performance from the lead goose never strays too far into the anthropomorphic, whilst still maintaining a sense of universal charm. 

The award-winning VFX team at Untold Studios prevised the entire film before shooting. 

Filming mostly clean plates, with 3D printed and taxidermy goose stand-ins, the VFX team then went to work on crafting the photorealistic CGI geese. 

The project showcases a range of techniques from water simulation to matte painting as well as careful compositing to seamlessly integrate the CGI elements into the live-action plates. 

The end result is quite pleasing to the eyes, with the realistic yet lighthearted overall cinematographic feel, designed to re-assert the corporate message -- "Fly Better "-- through a 30-second advertising spot that derives from what we are used to seeing from airline brands.




Brand: Emirates 

Richard Billington: SVP Brand & Advertising / Corporates Communications

Yasmine Saade: Global Brand & Content Manager


Production: Untold Studios 

Director: Ben Cronin

EP/Producer: Josh Davies

Production Manager: Ben Burdock

Production Assistant: Tia Varnnard

Director of Photography: Simon Richards

Editor: Matt Chodan

Edit House: Gorilla TV


VFX: Untold Studios  

EP: Sophie Harrison

Producer: Lauren Oldfield

Production Assistant: Jordan Malonga

VFX Supervisor: Amir Bazazi

Compositing Supervisor: Alex Kulikov

Creature Supervisor: Chloe Dawe

Animation Lead: Geraint (Gez) Wright

VFX Lead: Jack Harris, Alex Doyle, Lewis Pickston, Justin Braun, Christian Baker

VFX Artist: Joe Kane, Shariq Altaf, Clement Petellaz, Vlad Pascanu, Matteo Antona, Kim Eja Felicia Petersen, Henry Affonso, Harry McCusker-Bland, Seung Ho Henrik Holmberg


Colour: Untold Studios 

Colourist: Julien Alary