LUX takes a stand against sexism through an inspiring campaign by PIMO
Posted on 2023 Aug,08  | By ArabAd's staff

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LUX takes a stand in the streets against sexism empowering women across the Levant through a powerful campaign by Beirut-based PIMO agency.

In a world where women still face everyday sexism and casual remarks that undermine their strength, one brand has taken a stand. LUX, in collaboration with PIMO in Beirut, spearheaded a powerful campaign that aimed to empower women across the Levant and Iraq, encouraging them to rise above society's judgments and express their femininity unapologetically.

The campaign, driven by the question, "What's the secret of your strength?", inspired countless women to share their stories and paved the way for a 360-degree purpose-driven movement.

Lynn Acra, Batool Edais, and Noor Namir, three remarkable graffiti artists in Beirut, Amman and Baghdad, kickstarted the campaign by sharing their own stories of triumph and success in male-dominated spheres. Alongside these extraordinary women, influential figures and opinion leaders from Lebanon, Jordan, and Iraq joined forces, sharing their own inspiring narratives of breaking barriers and pursuing their dreams fearlessly. The invitation was then extended to all women, empowering them to speak up and inspire others through their unique stories.

The response was overwhelming. Thousands of women stepped forward, eager to share the secret of their strength. The result was an abundance of user-generated content, with an astounding 13,519 women contributing to the campaign. As a result, a strong and united sisterhood emerged, with LUX influencers, artists, and women from diverse backgrounds showing their unwavering support for one another.

The power of this movement could not be contained. It transcended virtual spaces and materialized into three awe-inspiring works of graffiti, each created by the talented graffiti artists.

These large-scale murals, displayed in Beirut, Amman, and Baghdad, served as bold statements of empowerment, but the impact didn't stop there.

In Beirut, a strategically placed billboard next to the wall of graffiti depicted a life-like cut-out of a woman passionately plastering empowering messages over sexist comments.  Then, in Beirut and Amman, anti-sexism awareness received an extra boost through a clever play on Arabic words on billboards.

By skillfully hiding a few letters with Lux hero scents, the headline "discrimination against woman" transformed into the empowering message "women's power to stand out”. 

The impact of this 360-degree campaign reverberated far and wide. It caught the attention of media outlets, bloggers, and influencers, generating extensive free coverage for LUX. The movement also gained momentum on social media platforms, with authentic engagement and conversations that propelled the campaign virally. The organic reach amounted to the equivalent of USD 500, 000 worth of free coverage for the brand, a testament to the resonance and significance of this movement.

The graffiti murals became more than just works of art; they became beacons of hope and unity. In Jordan, the mural was seen by 140,000 visitors to Abdali Boulevard on Independence Day and received spontaneous coverage on national TV, further amplifying its message and impact.

Most importantly, women across the Levant and Iraq became more aware of LUX and its brand purpose. The campaign not only strengthened sales but also fostered a sense of brand loyalty. Women embraced the key message that femininity is a power to be celebrated every day.




Annie Kassardjian: Marketing Lead at Unilever Levant& Iraq

Communication lead/ Managing Partner: Joumana Micaelian

Campaign Manager/ Creative & Influencers lead : Madona Zeidan

Creative Director: Rania Barakat Syriani

Art director : Rayan Khalil

Graphic Designers: Lea Hanna & Melanie Abou chedid

Arabic Copywriter/Content Manager: Madona Zeidan

English Copywriter: Helen Assaf

Digital Analyst: Rana Slim

Social Media Coordinator: Eliane Mechleb