McDonald’s introduced 'the very very very... long tray' to celebrate togetherness
Posted on 2021 Oct,12  | By ArabAd's staff

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Following the many lockdowns and the infamous social distancing rule #1 imposed during and post-covid, going to a restaurant has become part of these little pleasures everyone cherishes. 

Therefore, McDonald’s had this little big idea: to have your order presented on an XXL tray of 3 meters, designed for communal dining.

Named ‘the very very very very... very long tray’, it is made to show that McDonald’s is the place for a get-together whatever the situation, "because it is so much more fun to eat together."

Of course, this is not practical way to move inside the fast-food. It is rather made to generate buzz more than anything and to remind consumers what the brand is a all about: togetherness and happy time with friends. And of course, it focuses on the idea that it is now safer to eat indoors.

By giving its iconic tray a social twist, McDonald’s has once again managed to generate organic PR with an original operation developed by TBWA\Belgium.

The activation took place in August at the McDonald's in Docks Brussels.