SKYN and Sid Lee Paris Turn 2.14.2022 into vALLentine’s Day celebrating all types of love
Posted on 2022 Feb,15

Historically, marketing on Valentine’s Day has been focused on his-her couples, leaving a lot of people out. Sid Lee Paris’ new campaign for condom brand Skyn plays off the date - 02.14.2022 - to show there are infinite combinations of love. 

This Valentine’s Day, lifeStyles Skyn condoms brand wanted to turn the holiday into Vallentine’s Day, a day to celebrate all types of love and show that the day should be about everyone.

Historically, marketing has been focused on his-her couples, leaving a lot of people out and until recently Valentine's Day was exclusive to couples, with cheesy rom-coms and “his and hers” products bombarding aisles. Last year the condom and lubricant brand celebrated different kinds of love through their campaign, “Pleasure is an Endless Exploration”, featuring a cheeky twist on “Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes”.

This year, in 2022, the brand wanted to bring that sense of freedom to Valentine’s Day and expand it beyond just couples with a new global campaign created by Sid Lee Paris. 

The new campaign labelled "vALLentine's Day" plays off the date - 02.14.2022 - to show that there are infinite combinations of love. 

With a focus on 2.14.2022, the brand wanted to empasize their message that there are all kinds of love to be celebrated and that love doesn’t have to be one man and one woman, there are endless possibilities. 2 queers, 2 trans women, 1 polysexual, 4 binary women… Valentine’s Day shouldn’t be exclusive, and SKYN wanted to center their new campaign for their bundled products on that notion, with a film that demonstrated their reach towards all kinds of love.

“Valentine’s Day has always been a binary heterosexual celebration, it was about time that a brand ended that by including everyone,” explain Sid Lee Paris’s Creative Directors Celine and Clement Mornet-Landa.

The campaign, which will run in the US, UK, Italy, Poland, and France, highlights the different variables possible and is adapted locally with voiceovers narrated by regional influencers.




Advertising Agency: Sid Lee Paris

President: Johan Delpuech

Executive Creative Director: Sylvain Thirache

Creative Directors: Céline and Clément Mornet Landa

Art Director: Olivier Bodet

Copywriter: Max Harrington

Producer: Julia Bakola

Head of Strategy: Bruno Lee

Strategic Planner: Leah Daymon

Operations Director: Antoine Ferrari

Account Managers: Paul Pieuchot

Client : LifeStyles - SKYN®

Global Marketing Strategy Director: Marta Toth