BETC and the FLAC Send Back Bullfighting to the Dinosaurs' Era
Posted on 2017 May,02

Bullfighting, or corrida as this "sport" is called in Spain and South of France, is a tradition that should be abolished. This is the message conveyed by the latest production from BETC Paris for FLAC (Federation of Leagues Against Corridas) in which a dinosaur fight is filmed in the arena to highlight the cruelty of an entertainment of ancient times.

Advertising agency, BETC Paris, produced an awareness campaign for FLAC Anticorrida about the cruelty of bullfighting. The aim of the operation is to relaunch the public debate about this out-of-date practice.

In the midst of the French Presidential election, the FLAC and its 14 partner associations aim to get the attention of the candidates through an online film shared on social media. As most politicians have avoided taking a position on the matter, a petition has been launched with the ultimate goal of making bullfighting illegal in France.

Despite the fact that animal cruelty is illegal in France and that a recent poll has shown that 7 out of 10 French people are in favour of banning bullfighting, French law still makes an exception for the "public killing of bulls" when they are part of a longstanding local tradition.

That’s why, the FLAC and its ad agency, BETC Paris, have turned to shocking images and graphic content to illustrate the cruelty of bullfighting. 

In the film, which has already boasted over 6 million views on Facebook, we first see a dinosaur getting killed in an arena to highlight how retarded the practice is. Then, the viewer is shown stock footage of actual bullfighting events and becomes witness to the suffering of the animals for pure entertainment purposes.


Film: Do you think this practice belongs to another age ?

Advertiser: FLAC Anticorrida

Ad Agency: BETC Paris

Executive Creative Director: Stephane Xiberras

Creative Directors: Benjamin Le Breton, Arnaud Assouline

Director: Jean Michel Drechsler

Production Company: UNIT Image