Centrepoint attempts to gloss greed as anything other than a shameful motive in latest advertising campaign
Posted on 2017 Dec,27  | By Ghada Azzi

It's easy to become a bit greedy around this time of year with all the massive holiday sales flooding the market, specially in a region that is known for its year-long sales and shopping festivals. In fact, maybe you're finding yourself over excited about all these sales deal, a sign of greed that may make you feel guilty. That's where Centrepoint comes in with new advert stating that such a behaviour is nothing but good greed.


When the word “greedy” is almost never used in a positive context, Centrepoint asserts in latest commercial, conceptualised by Impact BBDO, that greed is good after all.  

We all grew up in an environment where greed was considered a deadly sin. So when the reevaluation of greed comes through a Centrepoint commercial and we are reminded that "It's the purest of emotions," we are ought to ask ourselves how effective and sustainable could such a strategy be--to push forward one of the most human base impulses, and turn a vice into a virtue for marketing sake.

Shyam Sunder, Sr. Head of Marketing adds, “The Centrepoint Sale is one of the biggest retail events in the region. Our new film from Impact BBDO is based on a strong behavioural insight, which directly relates to our sale.”

This is one big production, a strong and clear call-to-action that taps into the appeal of greed to make customers feel good about themselves by reassuring them it's ok to please one's self and seek out the best deals Centrepoint Sale is offering.

Narrated via an hypnotizing tone, the voice-over goes all the way explaining that we are born greedy and shouldn't feel guilty about it. "Truth is we want the moon, the crown and the spotlight…" So it’s ok to overindulge and spread your wings too wide. 

The Middle East retail brand wants us to do ourselves a favor and "fail the class" where we have been taught that greed is no good… and "reach for the last slice"-rush through what is being positioned as the best opportunity of the year--The Centrepoint Sale- and "unleash greed."


Fadi Yaish, ECD of Impact BBDO, Dubai sums it up well: “The Centrepoint Sale comes with up to 70% off; it would be a crime if you weren’t greedy.”

Has Centrepoint managed to relieve greed, once and for all, of any moral taint? 

One thing is sure, this is an audacious campaign, that may provoke consternation, as such a blunt endorsement of greed today remains far beyond the mainstream.

“This is a bold new moment for Centrepoint as we look to take the brand forward. The film tackles the motivations and modern contradictions behind consumer decision making,” states Simon Cooper, Head of Centrepoint. 

In 2013, Centrepoint tasked BBDO to reposition the brand, which has since constantly evolved and obviously gained a new edge and a new demographic audience thanks to its bold and modern storytelling approach.



Client – Centrepoint

Head of Centrepoint - Simon Cooper 

Senior Head of Marketing – Shyam Sunder

Marketing Manager - Rupal Panjani 

Agency – Impact BBDO, Dubai 

Executive Creative Director – Fadi Yaish

Creative Director – Amr El Haddad

Associate Creative Director – Alok Mohan

Agency Producer – Aly Seifelnasr

VP General Manager – Colin Farmer

Account Director – Christopher Kiernan

Account Manager – Lizelle Rodriguez

Planner – Saurabh Dahiya


Production House -  Truffle Films, Beirut

Executive Producers – Cynthia Chammas and Michel Abou Zeid

Director – Virgil Ferragut

DOP – Daniel Lindhom

Costume Designers – Oscar Charpentier and Bashar Assaf

Head SFX Make up / Hair – Inaki Maestre Lopez

Production Designer – Nathaly Harb

Casting Director – Lucciana Boulos

Line Producer – Same Joe Khoury

Production Manager - Sami Abou Zeid

Audio production - Eardrum Australia 

Audio producer - Ralph Van Dijk

Music – Sary Hany

Editor – Olivier Bugge Coutte

Colourist – Henri Pulla