Nissan Saudi Arabia surprises women with a driving lesson taught by their very own male relatives
Posted on 2018 Jan,17  | By ArabAd staff

Last September, Saudi Arabia surprised everyone by lifting the Women Driving ban, a historic ruling that will take effect by June 2018.

But although the entire world has celebrated the decision, a big chunk of the Saudi male population has shown resistance to it. This has made many Saudi women hesitant about applying for a license when the time comes, fearing their closest male relatives will disapprove. They are in need of confidence and support.

So Nissan Middle East decided to invite a few of them to a driving lesson, but not just any driving lesson, but one taught, to their surprise, by the very people they thought would disapprove; their fathers, brothers and husbands.

To see the full experience Nissan has created a film, meant to encourage and empower women all over Saudi. With a clear message given by the men involved: When the time comes, the decision to drive will be entirely up to you.

By using #SheDrives Nissan is also inviting everyone to share their messages of support.
It is noteworthy to mention that none of the talents within the video are actors. They are individuals who are actually facing this historic decision. 

Nissan Saudi Arabia - KSA Women Drive activation film is produced by Nissan United and TBWA\RAAD.