Condom brand SKYN urges people to #staythefhome by encouraging them to ‘Stay and f*** at home’
Posted on 2020 Mar,24  | By ArabAd staff

In an attempt to slow the spread of COVID-19, people around the world are being urged and authorized to stay at home. In this effort to contain the virus, and to keep people safe, social distancing is presented as the best form of combat. As online, people have already rallied behind this important prevention measure in a big way, with the hashtags #staythefhome and #staythefuckhome, condom brand SKYN has been given a compelling twist to the popular #staythef***home movement. Stay and f*** at home, the brand recommends.

Given the confusion and uncertainty in these times of imposed confinement, SKYN, the condom brand and intimacy expert, is adding valuable insights to the conversation—by presenting a more pleasurable quarantine than binge-watching series all day. SKYN supports the social distancing movement, by using pleasure as a powerful incentive.

To share their message, SKYN is reaching out where everyone is living, online. The brand will be publishing content featuring messages, more like tips such as, “Coming is always safer than going”, compelling people to ‘Stay And F*** At Home’ in order to keep everyone safer. This initiative advocates for ways to make the best of the situation and reminds us that we can turn restrictive measures into something that brings us together.

Ongoing content, like the ‘pleasure calendar’ will be posted daily over the next few weeks, to help people keep busy. SKYN recognizes that social distancing is the only way to slow the spread of COVID-19 and is here to remind us all that love is always the answer.

This campaign has been created by Sid Lee Paris.