Digital Agency Creates a Bang
Posted on 2016 Apr,01  | By ArabAd staff

GATE is a Beirut-based digital media company unlike any other, which first launched operations in early 2014. With the agency\'s services and clients\' portfolio expanding, the team wanted to introduce its own personal media platforms in a different fashion. So, instead of promoting clients’ work, the agency came up with an original campaign to establish its online presence and in turn make a splash.

ArabAd caught up with Maroun Karam founder of Gate to learn about this initiative that has raised a lot of questions since it appeared across the social sphere.

"The idea came about when we decided to start creating worthy content on social media," says Karam. “We had to tackle an issue that is relevant to the society we live in, so it can reflect our environment’s point of view."

This is why the agency's choice fell on local brands, he explains, "especially with the rising campaigns and TV programmes criticising and copying each other and with the latest disagreements between TV channels we saw that this field would do the trick."

"After conducting many enquiries we associated the data collected to a certain tagline to express the public's point of view when it comes to every Lebanese TV channel. We ended up with the slogans incorporated into the original visuals."

In doing so, the company not only managed to create the buzz it was seeking to increase its own exposure, but also distinguished itself by using the existing players in contrast!