Forget About Pokemon. Find Tarboosh!
Posted on 2016 Oct,18  | By Rana Bou Saada

As its amusing slogan ‘Ma Bhayetak Tekbar’ invites you to 'never grow up', Tarboosh’s latest campaign is all about embracing your inner child. Created by Spirit advertising agency, the Gandour brand has launched a new campaign, which enables you to win several prizes if you find the Tarboosh hiding on the snack’s box. 

As a result, Tarboosh is no longer just a delicious treat, but it is now also portrayed as a fun character, which invites you to play hide and seek with him! Search for the yellow tarboosh underwater, in the sky, in a museum, in a park and even behind the TV station logos, as shows the series of 15-second spots. Once you find him, you will have the opportunity to receive one of these fun awards: a trip to Disney land, a Samsung phone, a PS4 or an ATV. We were also told by Spirit creative team that the introduction of a new 'temporary' character to the family was a strategic decision leading to more exciting stories soon.



The campaign’s reach has been widened through billboards, TVCs and, of course, social media. The video’s minimalist execution are all well crafted: the illustration, the fun music and the child’s voice chosen for the voice over make it all light-hearted.

Once again, Tarboosh has succeeded in portraying itself as a young and fun brand. Its latest campaign has brought to our minds another one produced in 2014: bank tellers were playing and competing against each other, instead of meeting their clients’ needs. 

Finally, it is obvious that Tarboosh is smartly targeting a wide audience: children, by speaking their own language and adults, by addressing their childhood nostalgia. 



Agency: Sprit - Lebanon
Creative Director: Elie Al-Marji
Art Director: Marilynn Dagher
Copywriter: Wissam Talhouk
Communication Manager: Aya Halabi