Its. agency and Dar al Ajaza Al-Islamia remind us that old people were young too
Posted on 2017 Jun,15

When we look at old people, strangely enough, we just see old people. We feel as if they had always been old, tired, wrinkly. It doesn’t come to our mind that the old man having trouble walking was one day a little boy who used to make a mess in the classroom, or that the old woman you see now once was a fun, lively young girl.

Through this fundraising campaign for Dar Al-Ajaza Al-Islamia Hospital (DAIH), Beirut-based independent agency its. Communications wants us to see people as their old and their young selves, reminding us that they too were young one day, and that we too will be old one day, hence the line ”ana kent shab” (I was young too).

When the agency received the brief they wanted to steer away from stereotypes and clichés ads. “For us, there was a lot of pride in senior people, and a lot of stories to tell,” explains the creative team at its.

Along with the print and TV ads, the agency wanted to engage directly with the public and decided to take everyone by surprise.

 It is when everyone was waiting for the final basketball game to start between Riyadi and La Sagesse, that 10 senior men took over the court, dribbling and having fun, and even trying to score!

The reactions, the level of emotions in the stadium was overwhelming. Later, it is on social media that people’s reactions confirmed how powerful and insightful the idea was and that it generated enthusiasm beyond the moment; a brand activation that seems to have succeeded in helping people align with the campaign’s purpose and optimising its message.

 “I love how truly human this campaign is. It’s not about a product, it’s not about an unreachable dream. It’s about people, life, and how time touches us all equally, no matter who we are,” noted Waddah Sadek, CEO at its. Communications.

 “What made us fall in love with this idea is how real it is. It touches people’s hearts. And the agency did a great job connecting all the dots together leveraging the right channels for the campaign, as much on traditional media than online. For us, this is a great success that will go a long way,” said Heba El Shaar, Strategic Consultant at Dar al Ajaza Association.


Creative Partner: Daniel Georr

Creative Director: Rhea Nasard 

Account Director : Ines Salloum

Associate Creative Director : Nathalie Charabati

Copywriter : Qassem Marwany

PR Manager : Raya Haidar

Account Executive: Rudy Taylor