Naughty Delights
Posted on 2016 Jul,22  | By ArabAd staff

Every summer, the number of excuses made by employees about why they can’t make it to the office rises as does the heat outside. These ‘white lies’ are designed for the sake of being afforded extra time to enjoy the great outdoors and when it comes to having fun in the sun, chilled wine is the ultimate companion. To visualise this reality, Chateau Ksara commissioned Leo Burnett to come-up with appealing designs that are on the cool side and the result was above and beyond common. The three visuals look and feel different from the habitual bright and flashy summer advertising due to the approach employed that runs counter to the norm.

Cartoonish and unrealistically colourful, the images of single individuals rather than a group of people conjure a sense of utter fulfilment, which subliminally implies that these same individuals are not alone, rather with the best possible partner they could wish for, Ksara.



Creative Director: Davina Atallah 
Senior Art Director: Marya Ghazzaoui  
Art Director: Rola Aboubaker
Copywriter: Andrew Assi