Saving Energy that Is Not There
Posted on 2015 Sep,10  | By ArabAd staff

'Switch Off' and 'Generate on ?the Roof' are two TV campaigns that recently rolled out raising awareness to electricity consumption. Prepared? by the EU Funded Project SISSAF in collaboration with the Ministry of Energy and Water (MOEW) and the Lebanese Center of Energy Conservation (LCEC), both TVCs were produced by Revolution Film.

It is a great initiative communicated in a catchy way using colloquial dialogues that play on words to raise interest as well as appeal for every Lebanese who enjoys a good laugh.

In the first spot, we are reminded to always switch off the lights that are not in use. This message, loosely-translated reads, ‘turn off the lights before they turn you off’. The sexual pun is quite appropriate given the setting, which in the end finds a man and a woman in bed about to go to sleep.

The second TVC shows two females having morning coffee while discussing how a mutual friend of theirs is ‘delivering’ on the roof. Here, the actual meaning, as opposed to the presumed one, informs the viewers that the neighbour in question has installed solar panels and is generating her own power rather than having a baby.

Both films aim to push the viewers to start think green for a sustainable future and to learn more about #Save_ Energy_Lebanon.

The irony of it all is that rationing power is not even an option for most as very few, if any, areas in Lebanon enjoy an uninterrupted flow of electricity. As a result, and though the first TVC may come across as funny and entertaining, it remains irrelevant.

The second however, actually proposes a solution on how to cut-down on consumption, when available, by generating your own power through the installation of solar panels. On the other hand, such a proposal is not only costly and not feasible for some, but also poses its unique set of physical challenges in relation to allocation and installation. In other words and in all likelihood, not all rooftops can offer the space needed.