Say hello heart to heart… How Zain pitched in!
Posted on 2020 Mar,23  | By ArabAd staff

Zain, Jordan’s leading telecom operator, pioneered a public awareness and service campaign that first urged Jordanians to ‘Stay Home’ by changing its network’s name from Zain to ‘Stay Home’ in support of government efforts to spare Jordan from a spread of COVID-19, and endorsement of a public call to stay home.

Zain’s social responsibility as a pioneer stepped up its business advantage of the widest telecom reach to preach social distancing from shaking hands, as Jordanians love to shake hands, and show affection with three kisses on the cheek. ‘Say hello heart to heart’ went the slogan.   

Zain didn’t stop there, by introducing ‘We’re up to it’ song with a fist graphic, the telecom brand tapped into the pride the Jordanian through a cheerful yet emotional song designed to reflect the determination, challenge, and responsibility of the Jordanian people, encouraging them to heed government announcements and at the same time protect themselves and their loved ones. Although these are difficult times, this was meant not only to lift the spirits but to engrave yet again that Jordanians who survived other major threats, like refugee influxes and a weak economy are known for a strong will, determination and social solidarity. Zain set an example.

The mood is heavy; too many videos, instructions, and news articles are circulating around social media and the Kingdom is in complete lock down.

Ultimately, Zain and its agency Adpro Communications wanted to create a movement, one that brings the entire nation together. The spot was created in less than 24 hours.

It all boils down to “I am Jordanian, I am aware, I am responsible for myself and country, I protect myself and loved ones, so that our country copes well with such a challenge…Being up to the responsibility.”

Shantal Abu-Sharar, Zain Jordan Marketing Manager, asserted: “The agency came up with a brilliant idea to tackle the rising pandemic of the Corona virus and the fear people were feeling in Jordan. They felt it was crucial and essential for our brand to play a supporting role in uplifting the spirits of all Jordanians during this difficult time. As Zain, we felt this played hand in hand with what the brand stands for, a company that is always there to support its people to try and give them a ‘wonderful world.’ The campaign thanks Jordanians for their strength and spirit and shows understanding of what they are going through. We wanted to tell people that in spite of how hard it was going to stick to confinement, Jordanians are strong and are capable of being responsible and playing their role in saving their country during such difficult time. Zain is there to support them in their time of need and to uplift their spirits.”


Client: Zain Jordan

Agency: Adpro Communications