Parental Control tackled with humor in TBWA\RAAD new Connect campaign
Posted on 2021 Feb,04

Harmful content is everywhere online, and most parents feel helpless to protect their children from it, and that’s where parental control becomes the most versatile and convenient instrument to do it.

Parental control is a tool that allows parents to monitor their kids’ internet usage and prevent them from accessing inappropriate content, mainly -but not only- sex films. Today, with most people in Lebanon being at home due to greater safety measures taken because of the globaly sanitary crisis, parents are barely able to monitor their children who are stuck to their digital devices all the time, which makes Parental Control all the more relevant than any other time.

In many cases, kids stumble upon inappropriate content unexpectedly. Such websites can be restricted by using parental control tools and blocking them in specific categories.

Kids can also be easily targeted and deceived by cybercriminals because children are more likely to download apps and programs that may look genuine, but that are actually different kinds of malware or viruses. Parental control helps parents protect their kids -and their own information, since kids use shared devices- it can block dangerous malware crafted to leak that confidential information like passwords, bank account information, and media.

Connect, which is renowned for its humorous and quirky campaigns, guarantees a secure and enjoyable Internet experience. And parents can take comfort in knowing that younger viewers only have access to what is chosen for them, thanks to the availability of Parental Control option they can set up for extra safety.

This campaign is revealed ahead of Safer internet Day (SID), which is set on 9 February of each year, and aims to promote safer and more responsible use ofonline technology and mobile phones.

The copy used in this comic-based campaign created by TBWA\Raad Beirut has a double entendre that younger viewers cannot explicitly get hence indicating that Connect Parental Control has all one needs to ensure kids enjoy safe online surfing at all times.

With a brand communication style that aims to be witty and funny, this service by Connect puts safety first to internet users.