Al-Futtaim Lexus brings responsibility at the heart of its UAE National Day celebration
Posted on 2023 Dec,07

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For the 52nd UAE National Day, Memac Ogilvy & Al-Futtaim Lexus added a personal touch to the celebrations of one of its customers.

As “a brand that transforms inspired designed and relentless innovation into passionate, moving experiences,” Lexus found a unique way to offer an exceptional experience to one of its customers affected by Colour Vision Deficiency (CVD), helping him see Colours Through Lexus.

According to studies, approximately 1 in 10 people in the UAE are colour blind. The cause of colour blindness can be genetic, with a person suffering throughout their life, although it can develop as the result of disease. It is one of the most misunderstood eye conditions, and relatively little research has been done into the effects of color blindness in everyday life – as the general population remains oblivious to the difficulties CVD can cause on a daily basis.

Amongst all colour blind people, 99% suffer from red-green colour blindness, part of same Pan-Arab colour palette integral to the identity of the United Arab Emirates. And every year during the National Day week, these colours are instrumental in adding to the spirit of commemoration and unity.

To ensure their customer could truly take in the vibrant colours around him and fully embrace the joy of National Day, Lexus applied a special tint to the windows of a Lexus. Upon looking through the tint, the previously brownish murky color tones gave way to vibrant shades of red and green for the customers affected by CVD.

Saad Abdullah, General Manager of Marketing at Al-Futtaim motors said: “Lexus believes in crafting experiences that are uniquely personal and unforgettable. And for National Day, a truly memorable occasion on its own, we wanted to do something special.

People with Colour Vision Deficiency see the world through a different lens altogether. Together with our partners at Memac Ogilvy, this one-of-its-kind experience was able to help our customer with CVD experience the colourful shades of UAE in all their vibrance - from their very own Lexus.”

Colours Through Lexus perfectly encapsulates the importance of crafting experiences that truly matter, with the potential to empower individuals and communities alike. It is a gesture of inclusivity – with the simple hope of helping us all reflect upon the luxuries of life that might seem trivial in the eyes of some, but for others have the power to reveal a world with all its colours. 

A remarkable initiative and an emotionally-charged brand activation that awakens our empathy. Such a creative and inspiring way to address crucial societal issues through innovative design thinking can only be lauded. This is a brand that focused its time, energy and creativity into promoting care for its customers and supporting a good cause. This is a brand that is aware of the power of advertising and creativity and the impact and good it can have on society. And we just love it!






Al-Futtaim Lexus:

Katib Belkhodja - Managing Director- Al-Futtaim Customer Centricity

Roxanne Magbanua - General Manager, Al-Futtaim COE Marketing

Tarek Ouled - Head of Marketing, Al-Futtaim COE Marketing

Saad Abdullah - General Manager, Marketing, Al-Futtaim Toyota & Lexus

Yazan Al Mobaideen - Head of Performance Marketing, Al-Futtaim COE

Karim Hassanein - Senior Digital Marketing Manager, Al-Futtaim Toyota & Lexus

Lara Ayoub Agha - Senior Marketing Manager, Al-Futtaim Lexus

Hossam Mahgoub - Marketing Manager, Al-Futtaim Lexus

Rose Viajar - Marketing Executive, Al-Futtaim Lexus

Alaa Tarawneh - Senior Manager – Brand Experience, Motorsport & Content TOYOTA GAZOO Racing - UAE, Al-Futtaim Toyota & Lexus

Sara Abouhatab - Social Media Account Manager, Al-Futtaim Toyota & Lexus



Memac Ogilvy:

Hadi Ballout- Managing Director

Kevin Kurian - Business Director

Bhaskar Bareja - Head Of Strategy UAE

Alaa Nour - Account Director

Georges Enkiri - Senior Account Manager

Nicole Correia - Senior Account Executive

Steve Delange - Executive Creative Director

Moemen Metwally - Creative Director

Hussein Krayem - Content Director

Taha Khan - Copywriter

Brinda Singala - Art Director

Shadi Kharmacho - Head of Arabic

Antonio Geagea - Senior Digital Designer

Karl El Hitti - Head of Social

Yara Maalouf - Social Account Manager




Leila Chouman - Media Planning Director

Lynn Kharrat - Senior Executive Planner

Zaynoun Abou Ibrahim - Senior Executive Paid Social

Ramzi Bou Rouphael - Senior Executive Biddable Media 

Zein Daify - Executive - Paid Social