High fashion meets automotive in alluring Honda launch commercial backed by a.k.a. Media
Posted on 2022 Jun,16  | By ArabAd's staff

When Honda Middle East wanted a stylish, memorable campaign for the launch of its newest model, the HR-V, it called in the services of a.k.a. Media, a reputed Dubai-based full service media production and post-production agency.

Representing another chance for Dubai-headquartered a.k.a. Media’s international team to showcase its capabilities, the Honda advert has wowed audiences with its imaginative approach to vehicle advertising, created by Dentsu.

Company founder and CEO, Yasser Obeid, says: “We always seek the unusual, and a more creative approach. As a global leader in car manufacturer, Honda has high expectations, and I believe we not only met, but exceeded them. We analysed what we normally see in a car advert, and this campaign – created by Bassem Ainu - went leftfield. More often, we see cars racing across cities or dramatic landscapes, influencers discussing the vehicle’s attributes, or SUVs flying over sand dunes.

“But this switched things up a little, and made the launch all about elegance, beauty and style. Emerging out of mist, the car is slowly revealed as models in haute couture gaze upon the vehicle’s lines. Watching it gives me goose bumps!”

a.k.a Media was called upon for its production expertise, which involved making the locations, car and outfits stand out. Production of the breathtaking ad was undertaken by Nadya Tereshina, and co-directed by Tejal Patni and Zubin Mistry.

The incredible wardrobe was provided by Dubai-based designer Michael Cinco.

Co-director Zubin says: “This was truly a job where all the stars were aligned. It started with a brief that was so fresh and different for a car commercial from Dentsu. Teaming up with my old friend Tejal - whose eye for fashion is unquestionable - was an integral part of bringing the film to life. As a director, it’s not often you get such a fresh and creative brief.

“When you do, you need a company that will go all the way to help in bringing your vision to screen. a.k.a. didn’t just help, but provided a production without any restrictions, so we could thrive creatively. We ended up with a film that Honda wholeheartedly embraced.”

The vehicle is filmed making its way across some of Dubai’s most stunning locations, in a piece which is beautiful, stylish and breathtaking.

“a.k.a. Media is gaining a reputation for delivering on cool, creative briefs for car manufacturers. We work in a space where we make more interesting, relatable and yet aspirational films, which work on a higher level than ordinary car ads,” says filmmaker Obeid.