Hilton and TBWA\RAAD highlight the crucial elements at the heart of every great stay in new Middle East campaign
Posted on 2023 Mar,23

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Hilton and TBWA\RAAD launch Hilton’s biggest ever Middle East ad campaign to support the global brand platform, ‘Hilton. For the Stay’

Meaningful service and a fuss-free family stay were identified as some of the biggest considerations for guests in the Middle East when booking a hotel. These are the elements highlighted by Hilton in their latest marketing campaign developed in partnership with TBWA\RAAD. 

The new Middle East ad campaign builds off the global brand platform, which puts the hotels back into hotel marketing.

“Hilton. For the Stay” places the stay front and centre, elevating its role and importance at a time when accommodation advertising is a sea of sameness. To stand out against this backdrop, Hilton is highlighting the benefits that make its guests feel cared for – with hospitable service, Confirmed Connecting Rooms and smooth check-in via Digital Key available through the Hilton Honors app.

Hilton launched its hero TV campaign based on consumer research in the Middle East, which found access to meaningful products and services that allow UAE and KSA national and expat families to spend quality time together were some the biggest consideration drivers to book a hotel stay. 

In the hero TV campaign, ‘Infinite Table’, a family is seated at a very long formal dining table with the mother and father sat at opposite ends and the kids in the middle, all confused about the table setup with an extensive variety of elaborate cutlery. The family is clearly uncomfortable about the incredibly formal dining setting. When the daughter loudly asks her mother to pass the bread, after being shushed, the waiter places it on a mini conveyor belt, which then delivers it with a buzzing noise. The action then flips to a contemporary Hilton restaurant, where the family is welcomed by a Hilton team member and takes a seat at a tastefully decorated cosy table where they are able to reach and hear each other comfortably. The voiceover says: “When you prefer meaningful experiences over stuffy service, it matters where you stay.”



This ad will run in rotation with two spots created by TBWA\RAAD. ‘Shining Gold’ – which puts a spotlight on how Hilton’s Digital Key offers guests a smooth check-in experience for their holiday. And ‘Far, Far Away’ – which shows how Hilton resolves the tension around not knowing if the rooms are connected until check-in thanks to Confirmed Connecting Rooms – an industry-first feature.


And ‘Far, Far Away’ – which shows how Hilton resolves the tension around not knowing if the rooms are connected until check-in thanks to Confirmed Connecting Rooms – an industry-first feature.

The work will be backed by a host of TV and social ads.

Gurmej Bahia, vice president, marketing and loyalty international, Hilton, said: “This new advertising direction was born from the insight that finding the perfect place to spend quality time together tops the list of priorities for our Middle East guests – both national and expat families. So we wanted to highlight all the care and attention that Hilton puts into making a stay truly special.”

Reda Raad, Group CEO, TBWA\RAAD said: “We are happy to partner with Hilton for the launch of their new platform. In today’s ever-evolving marketing landscape, the only brands that are able to stand out and make a difference are the ones that are offering unique and meaningful experiences, and Hilton is one of them. The brand’s latest campaign highlights the crucial elements that are at the heart of every great stay: Genuine warmth and hospitality.”

The ads showcase Hilton’s point of difference, highlighting the benefits Hilton offers to make guests feel cared for – from amazing service to the choices available in the Hilton Honors app to personalise a stay. Hilton also offers Confirmed Connecting Rooms, an industry first, where guests will have peace of mind knowing everyone in their group will be together in connecting rooms. The days of waiting until check-in to confirm are over.