Lebanon's Ministry of Telecommunications and Information embark Lebanese on a journey of meaningful conversation through 'Khalina Nethawar' campaign
Posted on 2023 Jul,25  | By ArabAd's staff

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'Khallina Nethawar’, a campaign by Lebanon’s Ministry of Telecommunications and TBW\RAAD dedicated to fostering mindful dialogues inviting Lebanese to embrace meaningful connections and embark on a journey of conversation on World Conversation Day

Every day is filled with its own unique celebrations and recognitions, and July 12th is no exception. On July 12, every annual year, World Conversation Day is observed- a day set aside to encourage people to talk to each other.

This year, World Conversation Day held a special significance in Lebanon. On July 12th, citizens woke up to discover their streets plastered with billboards holding numbers - not just any numbers, but the actual personal phone numbers of their own politicians urging them to engage in meaningful dialogues with one another and encouraging open-mindness. 

In a groundbreaking initiative titled 'Khallina Nethawar' (Let's Have a Conversation), the Lebanese Ministry of Telecommunications and Information collaborated with TBWA\RAAD to convey a concise and unequivocal message to both Lebanese citizens and politicians: the time for dialogue has come!

Lebanon, a nation grappling with despair and corruption, yearns for a lifeline. While many Lebanese view the election of a president as the initial step towards stability, the public finds itself in a state of limbo after enduring over six months of waiting for politicians to engage and reach agreements. As a result, the presidential seat remains unoccupied.

To commemorate World Conversation Day and emphasize the significance of two-way communication during this critical period in Lebanon, the Ministry of Telecommunications provided politicians with free SIM cards as part of the campaign. Each SIM card featured a dedicated number and was accompanied by a letter urging the recipients to initiate meaningful conversations with their counterparts. The ministry also distributed a list of numbers to all politicians, further underscoring the urgency of the situation. 

Outdoor advertisements strategically placed near the residences of politicians and throughout adjacent areas directly addressed each politician by name, encouraging them to call their counterparts from opposing parties with whom they needed to engage in conversation. The contact numbers were provided in the ads.

For the general public, the Ministry extended an offer that included a great deal of free calling minutes on that specific day, irrespective of the cellular network along with extra gigabytes for all landlines, aiming to motivate all Lebanese citizens to pick up their phones and communicate with each others.

Also a lighthearted and humorous TV spot was unveiled bearing a similar message that whatever our differences, it is essential to keep talking, as the ultimitae idea throughout this iniative is that conversations are important for ensuring that people can live in peace with each other, no matter how different they are or how much they disagree. 

In a country divided by differing opinions and perspectives, this initiative is the more laudable as it seeks to bridge the gaps and create connections through fresh and insightful discussions. This goodwill campaign is meant to encourage Lebanese to step out of their comfort zones and engage in conversations that challenge their existing beliefs, broaden their horizons, and foster empathy and understanding.

For once, on World Conversation Day, with the free numbers, free minutes, and direct callouts, the Lebanese political class was highly and publicly encouraged to pick up the phone and connect, relate, reflect, and exchange perspectives with the opposition. Or so the Lebanese people hoped, as they were given an opportunity to participate in a mindful conversation.

Whatever the outcome, one thing is sure. This initiative served as a reminder of the transformative potential of meaningful dialogues, hence to actively seek out conversations that go beyond small talk, where genuine connections can be forged. It is only by embracing dialogue, individuals can learn, grow, and contribute to a more harmonious and interconnected society.