MINI Middle East celebrates the spirit of Ramadan
Posted on 2021 May,08

MINI Middle East celebrates the spirit of Ramadan by bringing some of the UAE’s finest Arab creatives together to discuss the true meaning of Ramadan.

Every year, people look forward to connecting with the spirit of Ramadan through food, loved ones, and traditions. In celebration of the Holy Month, MINI Middle East is excited to present its 2021 Ramadan campaign, 'Different Journeys, Same Spirt'.

MINI Middle East has cut through the noise of scripted scenes and opted to showcase the diversity and creativity in the Arab world in a sincere and authentic MINI way. The campaign takes a raw, unedited approach to capture real people and real moments. Through this initiative, the brand uncovers the real spirit of Ramadan.

The campaign showcases nine Arab creatives sharing their stories over a hearty iftar meal. Creatives include fashion model and stylist Omran KaramAyman Sameer, dancer and choreographer, Saudi actress Samah Zidan, upcoming rapper and music producer Saud Ibrahim, artist and fashion designer Zaid FaroukiRay Yafi, talented graphic designer, storyteller and entrepreneur Nawal El Masri,  Ahmed Almahri Emirati Street Artist, and Chef Soleman Haddad.

Each creative brings their own perspective, highlighting the ethos of MINI’s Creative Class. Although each participant has their own unique journey, at their very core, they celebrate their differences by coming together to express their individuality.

Yann Woisson, Head of MINI Middle East added, “Each year, MINI focuses on bringing the true essence of Ramadanto the surface. The Different Journeys, Same Spirt campaign examines a unified spirit, a global theme that was amplified throughout the pandemic. While everyone has their own path, we challenge the Creative Class to celebrate the common values that bring us together.”