Messi explores a stunning Saudi Arabia in new global campaign brought by Saudi Tourism Authority ‿ and us agency
Posted on 2023 Jan,24  | By ArabAd's staff

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Saudi Tourism Authority ‿ and us, have launched the first global advertising campaign. 

Titled “Discover another side of yourself in Arabia”, the ad spot sees Messi, the Argentine football legend, explore many of Saudi Arabia’s beautiful sights and sounds – from iconic tourist hotspots and glamorous concert halls to lesser-known destinations in the great Arabian outdoors, while also highlighting the kingdom’s unique heritage and culture.

The campaign marks a new chapter in Saudi Arabian tourism - for decades mostly frequented by business travellers and pilgrims - but is now fast becoming one of the fastest growing leisure and lifestyle destinations in the world. Saudi Arabia plans to become a top-five global destination by 2030, as its leadership opens up the country to foreign tourism and investment. With stunning footage, this campaign, which combines technical excellence and execution with creativity, makes visiting Saudi Arabia seem like something everyone should do at least once in their life.

“It has been our distinct honour and privilege to work with Saudi Tourism Authority to bring such an auspicious global campaign to life. Saudi Arabia truly is one of the most beautiful and surprising countries that we've ever been lucky enough to see, and we thoroughly enjoyed bringing its many gorgeous landscapes, cultures and unparalleled hospitality to life,” stated Fadi Yaish, CEO and chief creative officer of ‿ and us agency.

The global campaign, which has launched across various online platforms, is sure to boost the kingdom’s profile among travellers and wow the viewer. 





Client: Saudi Tourism Authority 

Agency: ‿ and us

Production company: City Films