Starring Raha Moharrak, new adidas ‘United by Summits’ campaign addresses women empowerment
Posted on 2022 Nov,16  | By ArabAd's staff

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adidas’ launches new global campaign to promote its trekking and hiking gear TERREX.

The challenge of “United by Summits” campaign is to give the word “Summits” a new meaning, and show people that summits don’t just refer to peaks or mountain tops, but can also refer to any mountain, obstacle in life one needs to overcome, be it physical, personal or professional.

To expand this new philosophy to the Middle East, Havas Middle East brought to life the story of Raha Moharrak, who made history by being the youngest Arab and first Saudi woman to climb Mount Everest and the seven summits.

While her conquest of Everest is what she is known for, Raha’s true summit has never been about climbing.

Through a video shot in rocky mountains, she narrates why she chose to achieve this feat, not to be a mountaineer but because she was told she can’t do it and wanted to prove to other Arab women like her that there is absolutely nothing they cannot achieve in life—and that every summit she reached was “a reminder that each and every woman has the power,” she says. And “No mountain should be tall enough to stand between them and their dreams…”

The film ends with a wish Raha extends--to witness an era where there are no more firsts left for Arab women to achieve –that is her true Everest. That is her real summit.

This is a film about women empowerment in the Middle East that adidas is supporting with a main message— that everyone has their own Everest in life.