Tarek Nour Group: When 50 Years of Creativity Takes Flight - Destination: The KSA
Posted on 2023 Dec,27

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As Saudi Arabia moves forward towards its 2030 vision, the Kingdom has been witnessing tremendous growth across various sectors, leaving the communication sector in high demand. In fact communication is a key factor to bring this vision to life and to translate this inspiration for the kingdom and actually to cascade to the world, which is totally married to Tarek Nour Group’s ambitious vision.

“Saudi is booming! It’s booming across all sectors at all levels... as some people worldwide might see this as a threat, we however see this as a great opportunity for growth in the communication sector across the region,” says Basel El Deeb, Co-CEO & partner at Tarek Nour Group. “We truly believe in marrying our communication expertise with the ambitious people and leadership of Saudi Arabia to bring forth this vision,” he adds.

   Seizing the opportunity presented by Saudi Arabia's dynamic growth, Tarek Nour Group co-CEOs & partners El Deeb and Ahmed Tarek spearheaded the launch of Tarek Nour Saudi Arabia in 2023, marking the group's expansion into the kingdom. Ahmed Tarek states that “Saudi being full of innovation and creativity, opens the doors for new opportunities by building an environment where talents and leadership emerges.”

Adapting to the Saudi culture and dialects, the group aims to reflect the Kingdom’s and Egypt’s rich insights and experience in its work, creating a truly trans-regional communication powerhouse.

El Deeb reiterated their beliefs that “great campaigns are ones that create great buzz in the market, and simultaneously achieve business results for our partners.

“Strategic and creative thinking is the fastest way for any business to achieve the objectives it aspires to, and creative thinking is the main tool to touch and influence people’s attitudes and behaviors towards any given idea, brand or product.”

He always believes in not following the competitive herd and always looks after finding smart and different approaches to do things differently.

“Tarek Nour Group has been the cradle of renowned advertisers, shaping the landscape of communication across the region. Saudi Arabia's flourishing market is a fertile ground for talent to boom, and we, as catalysts, are ready to collaborate creativity with Saudi Arabia's passion to transform individuals into industry pioneers,” says El Deeb.

   A challenger brand, Tarek Nour Group, has always believed in creating new spaces of telling stories, escaping the competitive herd and driving innovation that helps partners stand out in a thriving landscape and producing memorable results that meet the diverse needs of local, regional, and international brands. It fosters the school of developing strategic thinking that allows for creative solutions that bring forth memorable results for the client and the agency.

“Part of us feels that we have a responsibility towards the region’s young talents. Our people have always been our greatest asset and our greatest investment," says Ahmed Tarek.

With a focus on fostering creative minds that shape the ad evolving field, Tarek Nour Group aims to pave the way for a generation of talented individuals and creative minds in Saudi Arabia, as it did in Egypt. Having fostered some of Egypt’s best talents, this led to significant results and global recognition. “Nurturing local talents and connecting different cultures will create opportunities beyond the ordinary for our industry and ideally contribute to Saudi Arabia’s creative landscape.”


“Saudi Arabia's flourishing market is a fertile ground for talent to boom, and we, as catalysts, are ready to collaborate creativity with Saudi Arabia's passion to transform individuals into industry pioneers.”


Constantly adapting and evolving, the group established 15 companies serving the communications sector with eight in media and advertising, three production companies, a broadcast channel, a Content company, and lastly an events company, allowing the group to build brands across all touch-points, with a consistent and creative narrative that changes the norms and showcases the Tarek Nour School that it is famous for-- work that spanned over regions, and over time, turning products into pop culture phenomena. With communications, so ingrained in the collective consciousness that they’ve transcended mere advertising, becoming touchstones that bind the industry like a shared institutional language.

   It comes as no surprise that as Saudi Arabia moves forward towards its 2030 Vision, witnessing tremendous growth across various sectors, it calls for expertise from the region’s leading communications group.

In perfect alignment with Saudi Arabia's ambitious 2030 vision, Tarek Nour Saudi Arabia is dedicated to nurturing, empowering, and cultivating a thriving ecosystem for the kingdom's creative talents. The agency's mission goes beyond mere job creation; it seeks to foster a vibrant creative community where innovation and ingenuity can flourish, contributing to Saudi Arabia's transformation into a global hub of creativity and innovation.

“Our goal is not just about growth; it is about collaboration and cooperation, as Arabs who share the same beliefs, to contribute to the narrative of creativity, leadership, excellence, and innovation in all sectors and communication is no exception,” they both conclude.