Zeinab Abdul Sater of SSUP: ‘We are dedicated to navigating this complex landscape’
Posted on 2024 Mar,28

Zeinab Abdul Sater, Regional Director Media & PR of SSUP, shares the top priorities set for the agency for 2024

With all the parameters changing, and the clients wanting to milk their budgets to the last dime, what are SSUP's top priorities for 2024 in terms of business objectives?

In the dynamic landscape of Lebanon's evolving market, we've noticed a shift in our clients' approach, with a focus on optimizing budgets amid perceived stagnation in disruptive innovation. Understanding their concerns and the prevailing status quo in the industry, in SSUP we're gearing up for 2024 with a dual commitment: to innovate strategically and to build heightened value that resonates with our clients and their demands.

As a response to the sentiment that additional spending may not immediately translate into apparent value, our objective is to go beyond conventional norms and illustrate the tangible returns that come with thoughtful and comprehensive campaigns. We're not just advocating for larger budgets, we're advocating for a redefined understanding of how those budgets can translate into a meaningful return on investment.

We do believe that our role extends beyond being an agency; it's about fostering a genuine, mutually beneficial relationship with our clients. And in 2024, we're dedicated to navigating this landscape, acknowledging the challenges and working collaboratively to rediscover a win-win scenario.

In SSUP we aim to build a narrative that not only re-establishes the value proposition but also strengthens the foundation of our partnership with all our clients, ensuring that larger budgets equate to impactful results and sustained growth.