electriclimefilms and Riot Games Capture Essence of MENA Neighbourhoods with Wild Rift Launch
Posted on 2021 Apr,20  | By ArabAd's staff

In its largest production yet, electriclimefilms collaborated with Riot Games for the launch of League of Legends: Wild Rift across the MENA region.

Shot entirely handheld on an Arri Alexa Mini, the lively spot takes its inspiration from the neighbourhood streets of the Middle East and asks the audience: “who would you call when challenged to a Wild Rift tournament?”

Working closely with Riot Games on conceptualisation, director Damiano Fieramosca set the challenge of telling the hero’s story in one shot.

Choreographing 80 talents, Fieramosca propels his young hero through a crowded neighbourhood to select a team of players who, armed with their own set of unique talents, promptly stop what they are doing and join him for a game of Wild Rift.

“The most important aspect of the shoot,” Fieramosca highlighted, “was that for a change, we had plenty of time in pre-production to plan. The way that we structured the shoot, with a whole day dedicated to rehearsal, allowed us to maximise team efficiency especially when the camera starts rolling.”

Light on his feet, DoP Jad Saabi rose to the challenge with Fieramosca, keeping the camera close to the hero and capturing the frantic pace of the vibrant Arab neighbourhood.

Commenting on the inherent difficulties of shooting with natural light, Saabi said “chasing the sun over the course of an entire day is always tough, especially when trying to make a film look as though it takes place in a few minutes.”

A talented Art Department, led by Charbel Naimeh, recreated the Wild Rift world in twofour54’s backlot at the Khalifa Industrial Zone Abu Dhabi (KIZAD). The purpose-built set has previously hosted Hollywood productions, such as Star Wars Episode VII.

“This was a new experience for us,” Naimeh commented. “Working on a production for the gaming industry and achieving the film in one shot. The director and DoP were both great to work with and it went really well.” 

The result is a true interdepartmental collaboration to create an energetic and colourful world where Wild Rift sparks the imagination of all players involved.