Flag-bearers on Lebanon's Independence Day
Posted on 2016 Nov,22  | By Tarek Chemaly

And so brands rise to the occasion once more, or rather fall to the occasion judging by the output. This time it is Lebanon's independence day that brands are keen on celebrating, so it is flags galore. Patriotism has become a must rather than a common denominator - even if in advertising it seems to be going by the lowest common denominator if previous festivities were to be taken into account with a sad mention for Army day, which marked another low point for brands of whatever nature, which have put everything in camouflage; so it will be little wonder than now it is the flag, which is plastered on everything and anything. As Thomas Kolster puts it, "The majority of do-good efforts from brands are ridiculous and nothing but a cheeky pick-up line to charm consumers into buying more." A special mention goes to Spirit advertising though and here is why.

Spirit - a staple of creativity for independence

Beirut-based ad agency Spirit does it again with a minimalist looking ad made from a paper clip. Yes, a paper clip. And the line? "proudly attached". It nails it perfectly - sorry for the pun. But still, at a time when every other brand or company is trying to capitalise on independence day, and judging by previous dreadfulness found on army day, it was interesting to see that Spirit did make the effort, without putting the ubiquitous flag - which everyone else is. Spirit seem to always go towards low-key visuals, punchy lines ad and this one was no exception.