Jureeporn Thaidumrong: ‘Choose humbleness and gratefulness’
Posted on 2020 Apr,12  | By Nils Adriaans & Gijs de Swarte

ArabAd talks to the world’s most awarded creative directors. Jureeporn Thaidumrong, Chief Creative Officer at GREYnJ United Bangkok is one of the most awarded and renowned creatives around. Under her leadership, Thailand won its first-ever Cannes Gold Lion and D&AD Pencil. She has been Asia Creative of the Year several times over. And since she took the helm, GREYnJ United conquered many global award shows.

1) What was your biggest fear when you just started?

Jureeporn Thaidumrong: ‘My biggest fear when I started working was ‘the unknown’. I graduated from the faculty of commerce and accountancy and I had never studied advertising or design before. I applied for a creative job in an in-house agency of a big department store. Working six days a week, at the first year of my advertising career I did everything; writing, organizing special events, concerts, fashion shows, directing, designing window displays etc. After one year and a few months, I started working in an ad agency as a junior copywriter (AMEX&GREY) where I also did everything they asked me to do. From writing ads to pre-reading presentations. It was all new all the time. So I learned to welcome the unknown, focus on the learning process and eventually I overcame my fear.’


2) Please describe your key-career break moment…

‘My key-career break moment happened after I overcame the fear of the unknown and unexpected. I moved to Dentsu, Young and Rubicam (D,Y&R) as a copywriter. There I experienced the real life of a creative in an ad agency. Like partnering with an art director and working with many clients and many different brands. At the time, D,Y&R was a medium size agency with around fifty talented people from the same generation. So we understood and inspired and polished each other. Working atmosphere in an agency can make a huge difference, and thirteen awards in a row was the result. It was one of the happiest moments in my career.’


3) What was the lesson learned from your most loved mistake?

‘I’ve learned so many lessons. But every mistake I’ve made and the lessons from it are different. Example - about seven or eight years ago we had a big branding project for a property development firm. We produced a film and we used some work of an artist without asking for permission. So we got sued and it led to a big scandal. I learned to always do it right, right from the start and down to the very details. There is no ‘it should be fine’ in our line of work.’

“As a creative you should be very aware of your ego. You do a favor to your career when you don’t separate yourself from your team, colleagues and clients.”

4) Where do you get your inspiration?

‘My inspiration I find everywhere, as long as I am in the present and aware. The word inspiration actually means to be in-spirit. Therefore I naturally create the circumstances to get in touch with my spirit or creativity. Personally, being alone in my own space works best for me. That’s when I come up with ideas and solutions.’


5) If you want to get ahead in advertising these days, please, please do not ever…

‘Boost an ego. As a creative you should be very aware of your ego. You do a favor to your career when you don’t separate yourself from your team, colleagues and clients. None of is an island. Our success depends on each other. Cultivating an attitude of “I am the one” sooner or later leaves you all alone. This understanding automatically leads to the very welcoming attitude of humbleness and gratefulness. More than anything that’s the basis for success in advertising.’


6) If I was a millennial and wanted to start in advertising now, I would…

‘Use the internet to keep myself informed, educated and continuously updated about what is going on in the ad world. It has never been so easy to get information wherever you are. On the other side, the smartphone has to be used very wisely. Being used by it yourself, have it killing your time, that’s counterproductive.’


(6.5) Also, I'd like to state that…

‘Nothing is impossible, when you start doing it.’