‘Lebanese Born Ready’: A campaign that speaks volume about the brand and the society its serves
Posted on 2019 Mar,19  | By Ghada Azzi

Banks in Lebanon seem to overpopulate communication platforms, particularly television. However, lately BLOM bank introduced a distinctive campaign with a new brand voice, and uplifting messages, depicting a positive picture of the society it serves.

The new perky and high-spirited corporate film depicts with quick wit and chirpy humor some traits common to the Lebanese people-like readiness, forwardness, resourcefulness etc.--by sharing familiar situations and relatable moments, while acknowledging, “Lebanese are born ready.”

“For the 'Lebanese Born Ready' campaign, we aimed to highlight clearly the edge our people, the Lebanese, have by offering an insight into how they behave in reality. We designed our TVCs to speak to the Lebanese directly and honestly, offering reliable banking solutions that suit their every need,” asserted Roy Chidiac, Deputy Head of Communications at BLOM BANK.

By having an intimate lens on the Lebanese society and highlighting local insights, BLOM bank looked to find a new approach and story that would resonate on a larger scale, refreshing the bank' original platform 'peace of mind' and broadening its relevance through an effectively short and catchy resonating tagline, 'Lebanese Born Ready'.

The campaign propagated across a multitude of different products and services offered by the bank; each product or service was tackled through an angle of both readiness and ‘Peace of Mind’. In total, six versions were produced: the main corporate film, BLOM BANK Beirut Marathon; De-mining Program; Technology; Expansion and BLOM Shabeb.

“Just like every BLOM bank corporate campaign, we wanted the 2018 campaign to be unapologetically Lebanese. We dove deep into our audience, the Lebanese people, searching for a unique insight that makes them as resourceful as they are. This insight, matched with BLOM bank’s wide array of products and services, led to the Born Ready concept. Lebanon has always been amidst a turmoil of events, and no matter what, the Lebanese people come out as victors – simply because they were born ready for it. BLOM bank, on the other hand, is a leading Lebanese bank innovating and offering services that cater to every Lebanese, getting them ready to take on the future, in pursuit of the optimal goal, Peace of Mind. Conceptually, and once the match was made, we left no stone unturned in the production process, partnering with the best in Lebanon and abroad, to deliver six exceptional films hammering on the same communication message,” explained Angelo Chami, Executive Creative Director at Impact BBDO.

The six spots amplify the message that becomes powerfully resonant as a whole, as each spots enumerates what distinguishes the Lebanese people-- who never stop learning, never stop wanting to grow, never stop moving and thinking forward. They are constantly on the look out for what is next and make it happen, and it goes on… all these insights are illustrated through light-hearted humorous situations that mock the familiar.

And this is why it works. The bank has put the best face of the Lebanese people forward through identifiable situations. By doing so, it’s reminding them of their potential and pushing them to accelerate in life by offering to participate in their success story.

The film is also promoting a positive behavior, a feel good behavior that can only create deep affinity with the brand.

“In every corporate campaign BLOM BANK conceives and works on, we try to think of the bigger picture and to deliver a constructive message, aside from the marketing edge any campaign should have. For our latest corporate campaign, 'Lebanese Born Ready', every TVC reflected the values the Bank shares with the Lebanese people,” stated Isabelle Naoum, Head of Communications and Sustainability at BLOM BANK.

Such campaign instinctively pulls you on a gut level–one toward a sense of empowerment.

"The BLOM campaign was one of the most exciting projects we’ve worked on in 2018. We fell in love with the project at first sight and knew this was not your average bank commercial. These spots are essentially a positive reminder that, despite everything, the Lebanese is quite unique and has qualities that are worth celebrating. Our collaboration with our homegrown director Amin Dora and international cinematographer Jan Prahl meant that the final result was packed with local insights and presented in highly aesthetic visual package. Five shooting days later, dozens of locations, 160 fresh faces, over 200 outfits, two lamas, 50 dummy babies, two camera units and a drone, our amazing crew worked really hard to make the process effortless, and the final result even more appealing than a delicious plate of hummus!,” said Ray Barakat, EP/Partner at Clandestino Films.

In an attempt at celebrating the Lebanese spirit, BLOM bank wants us to feel the pride and emotions that come along with being Lebanese, but also this new brand campaign demonstrates and renew the bank’s commitment to help reach peace of mind.

Contained within those three words--'Lebanese Born Ready'- was a campaign with a powerful message of hard work, personal maturity, and community engagement, helping the target audience exude the best possible version of themselves. Obviously, BLOM bank knows how to build connection with its customers, by helping unlock their potential for greater ‘Peace of mind’.

Perhaps the most impressive aspect of this new film is how the bank and their agency, Impact BBDO, have managed to give the brand a cultural relevance with messages that could have lasting Impact BBDO on how we think about the Lebanese identity and behaviors.

This approach builds stories that point out the possibility for human growth and even transcendence.

The campaign finds its heart both in BLOM bank's new line, and in the positive sentiment it triggers. Still, the 'Born Ready' message goes further than uplift.

Of course, putting a new, positive sheen on marketing is not an end in itself. But reorienting the campaign story from the empowered “Born Ready” citizen toward “we are ready to explore all your potential to help this country develop and flourish and be a source for absolute peace of mind” is a powerful initiative in reshaping our society for the better.

It is a film that certainly touches on the patriotic chord.

If a commercial is going to play hundreds of times on television, before its deployment on social channels, this one is pretty effective.

And it is not surprising to see it receiving very high organic engagement on the bank’s social media channels since its launch.

Developed by Impact BBDO in conjunction with production company Clandestino Films, the films were directed by the talented Amin Dora, and edited with state-of-the-art technology in Madrid, Spain.


Director: Amin Dora

Agency: Impact BBDO Beirut

Cinematographer: Jan Prahl

Executive Producers: Eli Souaiby, Ray Barakat

Line Producer: Raja Zgheib

Production Designer: Issa Kandil

Wardrobe Stylist: Maya Kassis

Casting Director: Solange Elias

VFX Company: UserT38, Madrid

Editor: Sergio Rozas

Music: Charbel Haber / Anthony Sahyoun / Tunefork Studios