Me, Myselfie and I
Posted on 2015 Oct,11  | By Joe La Pompe

After 15 years busting fraudulent works that also lack originality and showcasing these on my blog, I came to an undeniable conclusion: we often reproduce ideas not out of dishonesty rather because we lack the knowledge about past created work.

Have a look at this compilation; it's all about the selfie, 'the self-portrait of the digital age'.

‘Selfie’ was voted by the Oxford Dictionary as ‘The Word of the Year 2013’ proving how relevant this kind of narcissistic practice has become. Just take a look at Instagram and you will find over 210 million posted photos with the hashtag #selfie.

Seizing the opportunity to engage the trend, ad agencies the world over used the selfie in their campaigns with varying nuances. They tapped into an already highly-established habit by coupling products that relate to the core concept of what is being promoted thereby engaging an audience on a completely new level. So, take the time and sample the works below to determine where creativity and originality lay, if any. This should stimulate your creative culture...