Time's Up join forces with the advertising industry to combat sexual harassment
Posted on 2018 Mar,12

Time's Up, a movement against sexual harassment that was founded on January 1, 2018, by more than 1000 prominent Hollywood celebrities in response to the Weinstein effect and #MeToo., has joined its efforts with the ad industry.

"Time's Up/Advertising will drive new policies, practices, decisions, and tangible actions that result in more balanced, diverse, and accountable leadership; address workplace discrimination, harassment, and abuse; and create equitable and safe cultures within the advertising industry," read a Time's Up press statement.

The new initiative, which aims to address the industry’s pervasive problems with sexual harassment and gender inequality, was started by 180 top agency executive women, in partnership with The Advertising Association, NABS and WACL.

A posting on the Time's Up website read: “As women in senior leadership positions in advertising, we’ve agreed that we have the power to change this business we love until it looks more like the industry we want to lead. As leaders, it's on us to foster a workplace where people are challenged but still respected.”

The group is calling on every agency, women-run or not, to join the effort by keeping up with the goals listed on its website. 

Time’s Up Advertising will also raise funds for the Time’s Up Legal Defense Fund, which provides subsidized representation to individuals who have experienced harassment or abuse. The fund has grown to more than $21 million since December.