10 Dubai-Based Photography Accounts to Follow on Instagram
Posted on 2016 Nov,19  | By Christina Fakhry

It is time to embark on yet another round of Instagram inspiration, this time taking us all the way to Dubai city through the lens of 10 outstanding Dubai-based Instagrammers. We’re in for a vibrant aesthetic journey into UAE’s unrivalled urban paradise in all its flavours!


Rémy Abouchakra 

Generously populated with a mesmerizing collection of Dubai-themed photographs, this account delivers a strikingly modern take on life in the city through the cutting-edge visual aesthetic of French photographer and videographer Rémy Abouchakra. Posts are meticulously arranged into trios whereby the three images making up each row share the same style and color hues.


Altamash Javed 

Dubai-based investment banker turned photographer Altamash Javed simply knows how to seize the right patterns in the right moment and turn them into visually accomplished and stylistically intriguing representations of the city’s architectural landscapes. The results are a true feast to the eye.


This anonymous Dubai-centered account gives you a glimpse at the breathtaking aesthetics of the city from above. A true photographic mastermind, the travel and landscape photographer behind Pixelville is on a perpetual mission to capture skylines and cityscapes from unconventional angles, with special emphasis on aerial views. 

Dany Eid 

Born and raised in Lebanon, Dany Eid is an award-winning professional photographer based in Dubai who specializes in corporate, landscape, architecture, travel and lifestyle photography. Drawing upon his years of experience in the field, his photographs offer a seasoned, flawlessly executed visual account of urban architectural wonders around the world. 

Nicolas Tohme 

Fine art enthusiast and self-taught visual artist Nicolas Tohme is counting on both his eyes and imagination to bring cosmopolitan landscapes to life through the richness and range of his photographic work. By fusing his ongoing creative passion and lifelong musical influences as a former music production professional, he is able to breathe motion and emotion into each and every image.

George Rishan 

From awe-inspiring panoramic views to sumptuous luxury hotels, George Rishan’s Instagram account is an open invitation for you to indulge on the very best in travel, architecture and lifestyle. His colorful photographs are guaranteed to tickle both your creativity and jealousy along the way.

Shutter Nomad 

Shutter Nomad is home to the vibrant aesthetic expressions of an exceptionally talented Dubai-based visual storyteller, capturing the crème de la crème of the city’s landmarks in addition to a panoply of urban portraits in a distinctively dynamic fashion.

Hannah Magsayo 

Passionate photographer and traveler Hannah Magsayo is mostly interested in the little details that make up the identity of the people and places she comes across in different parts of the world. Peppered with a remarkable personal touch, her photographs are a smooth breath of fresh air that truly stands out in an overwhelmingly generic Instagram landscape.

La Yasmeen 

The photography and travel junkie behind this account is sharing her love for Dubai through a prolific visual compilation of her day-to-day musings across the city. Beautiful patterns, delightful pastels and subtle compositions are a staple of this charmingly graceful account.

Patrick James

Dubai-based food and lifestyle creative Patrick James may not have as many followers as his fellow Instagrammers on the list but his account scores the highest in terms of trendiness through its stylish blend of fashion inspiration, culinary musings, modern interiors and upscale street photography.