10 unique interactive light installations illuminate Dubai's City Walk
Posted on 2023 Jan,04

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This Dubai Shopping Festival, art lovers are heading to City Walk to enjoy a special showcase of 10 unique interactive light installations that create an immersive artistic journey combining lights and sounds.

In partnership with Light Art Collection (LAC) and Merex Investment, the outdoor exhibition titled “The Sparks Within” celebrates the power, resilience, and positivity of light and sound as a symbol of connection between people, places, and nature.  

Visitors and residents continue to enjoy the series of light installations around City Walk such as the multifunctional work titled C/C by Angela Chong, and interactive sculpture that plays around with light whilst also functioning as a seat for the public. Visitors also got to witness a musically-inspired installation titled LIGHT PIANO 2.0 by Arion de Munck and Mark Ridder, and a colorful artwork titled Nest by Vikas Patiland Santosh Gujar inspired by the symbolism of a nest.

Additionally, visitors were able to interact with Never Ends by Luigi Console & Valentina Novembre and Submergence by Squidsoup, two immerse artworks providing a luminous experience.  

Among the 10 is also an emotive artwork titled Run Beyond by Angelo Bonello conveying the power of imagination and its ability to conquer fears and limitations, pop art inspired tulips titled BUNCH OF TULIPS by Koros Design, TORNADO by UxU Studio, which mimics the majesty of the natural phenomena; Sphere 3D Spectrum by Clifton Mahangoe embodying the phrase ‘opposites attract’ and last but not least an installation of 1,500 lights intended to evoke the idea of passion titled DESIRE by Uxu Design.  

Dubai Lights will be running until 29 January 2023 and more installations from renowned artists and studios can be found in Dubai Design District (d3), and Palm Jumeirah.