McDonald’s TableToGo created in collaboration with Leo Burnett Italia aims to change the future of dining
Posted on 2023 Apr,27  | By ArabAd's staff

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TableToGo is the latest design-savvy dining solution created by McDonald's and Leo Burnett Italia for Milan Design Week 2023. 

Milan Design Week is a highly anticipated event that draws millions of visitors to the city each year. However, as the number of attendees has grown throughout the years, finding a comfortable and convenient dining solution between events has become increasingly difficult.

In response to this problem, McDonald’s partnered with Leo Burnett Italia to create a new, design-savvy dining solution for the occasion: TableToGo.

Created to alleviate the lack of available dining space during the event, this limited edition and fully recyclable package affixes to the city's bollards and transforms into a table for two.

Using QR codes on city bollards, customers were able to able submit orders on the McDonald’s app and have them delivered in a similar fashion to ordering at a restaurant.

This innovative and functional dining solution aims to create the biggest open-air McDonald’s ever, responding to consumers’ immediate need for freedom and comfort.

The campaign is the latest in a series of innovative solutions developed by McDonald’s and Leo Burnett. With TableToGo, McDonald’s and Leo Burnett Italia have taken this concept a step further and created a dining solution that can be used at any large-scale outdoor event.

“Design is at its best when it can solve problems in a simple and aesthetic way, simplifying and improving people’s lives,” says Neta Ben-Tovim, Creative Director and Head of Design for Leo Burnett Italia. “We designed and developed TableToGo guided by this ambition, and we are proud to see it in use and bringing smiles and curiosity to those who use it.”

The launch of TableToGo reinforces McDonald’s commitment to creating feel-good moments for everyone, everywhere. It also demonstrates Leo Burnett’s brand ethos – to solve real human problems through brilliant creative and design.