Studio Snøhetta to build BLF’s new HQ
Posted on 2016 Oct,15

Six months after the launch of its international architecture competition to build its new headquarters at the Northern main entrance of Beirut, and at the end of a rigorous and innovative selection process, Banque Libano-Française (BLF) announces the selection of the Norwegian-American studio Snøhetta.


The Bank and the jury had the chance, but also the difficult task, to choose among three beautiful projects conceived by prestigious, passionate and committed architects who were fascinated by Beirut and its contradictions. Snøhetta’s ‘Magic Box’ stood out among the three fantastic projects.

The Project

With its flexible and interconnected interior wide spaces capable of coping with the Bank’s future evolution, of stimulating synergies, enhancing productivity and innovation among its young and dynamic workforce, but also with its eco-friendly approach showcased in the sustainable development and public spaces open to Mar Mikhael’s neighbouring community, Snøhetta’s project was a perfect fit to BLF design brief and its objective to create a space “not to work more, but to work better.” 

Raya Raphaël Nahas, BLF General Manager explained further: “Our ambition through this competition was to find the architect who is capable of embodying this will and rethinking our workplace while breaking the conventional codes of private construction in Lebanon, to integrate public spaces within the building without compromising its security, and taking into account the digital evolution and new collaborative methods at work. Snøhetta’s philosophy about collaborative spaces and new work methods, have seduced and convinced us. We have decided that the team shares our values, our attention to detail as well as our respect of the environment, the community and the historical legacy of Beirut…”

“A client like BLF brings out the best in us!” explained the founder and partner of Snøhetta, Kjetil Trædal Thorsen, upon announcing the results. “A city like Beirut challenges the definition of urban typologies and the contradictory architectural interpretations. A site like this captures the relationship between the different parts of Beirut, the Mediterranean Sea and the mountains. The project responds to these conditions”. 

The project reveals an extraordinary architecture, a stone veneer, multiple connections with the outside, large cuts and modular openings overlooking a 360-degree view, even a symbolic interpretation of Mar Mikhael stairway… Elements that will turn, without a doubt, the new headquarters into an inevitable urban landmark harmoniously blended in with its environment.

The Competition

As a reminder, BLF architecture competition was officially launched in January 2016 when eight renowned architecture studios, Spanish Barozzi Veiga, Danish-American BIG, British Farshid Moussavi, Japanese Kengo Kuma, Italian Piuarch, Norwegian-American Snøhetta, as well as Lebanese Nabil Gholam and Youssef Tohme, were selected among 35 studios visited by Raya Raphaël Nahas and the architect, professor and consultant Luca Molinari. These studios had visited Beirut for an introductory workshop to get to know the Bank, the project site and the city.

They were back in Lebanon in April to showcase their projects in front of an international jury composed of Walid Raphaël (Chairman General Manager at BLF), Raya Raphaël Nahas (General Manager at BLF), Luca Molinari, Hashim Sarkis (Dean of the Faculty of Architecture at MIT), Jean-Christophe Fromantin (Member of the French parliament and Mayor of Neuilly-sur-Seine) and Li Brian Zhang (Professor at Beijing and editor-in-chief of the magazine World Architecture). Due to the remarkable quality of the showcased projects, the jury could not determine one winner. It chose three studios, Barozzi Veiga, BIG and Snøhetta, for a second round, requesting them to further develop their projects.

Throughout the competition, the architects’ visits to Beirut also featured gatherings between the architects and the Lebanese academic and artistic communities, as well as real estate professionals, within the framework of conferences, exhibitions and receptions organised by BLF. 

“The Bank made sure that this project is, above all, ‘a project for Beirut’”, says Luca Molinari. “We have conceived an ambitious and challenging process that allowed us to select some of the best architects and rising stars on the international scene. The extraordinary quality of the projects and the original and powerful character of the winning project are witness to the added value that this competition brought to the Bank and to Beirut! I am certain that it will be a reference for institutional architecture in the Middle-East”.

This statement echoed that of Kjetil Trædal Thorsen: “By setting higher the standards of architecture competitions in Lebanon, Banque Libano-Française took the expectations of its audience to a whole new level, which gives the Bank a huge responsibility, that of maintaining its professional, innovative and humanistic momentum“.