Discovery's new streaming service Max reveals new identity
Posted on 2023 Apr,13  | By ArabAd's staff

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Discovery has renamed its flagship streaming service Max, eliminating HBO from the name. HBO Max is now, simply, Max. Unveiled by Warner Bros mid-April, the platform now combines the offerings of two core brands Discovery+ and the original HBO Max. 

Launching across the US on May 23, branding and design agency DixonBaxi has worked with Warner Bros Discovery to create an identity rooted in the concept ‘Where our world meets yours’. 

The Max logo pays homage to its legacy by combining the bullseye from HBO and the curves of the Warner Bros. shield, a “modern and timeless” design that is instantly recognisable, according to DixonBaxi design director Karun Agimal.

The result is a clean, modern logo, but in lowercase letterforms to “convey warmth and approachability”.  

A bespoke typeface called Max Sans, created in partnership with type foundry F37, “stretches from premium and cinematic to loud and expressive” depending on where it’s being used. 

The primary hue of Max is blue, chosen to signal a change to a broader catalogue and to resonate across genders and age groups. The new identity was designed to be “instantly recognisable” whether on billboards or apps, and to serve as a clear indication of the brand’s purpose and dedication to exceptional storytelling.

As part of the branding, the logo Max's graphic signature—named The Spotlight— evolved from the bullseye in the logo, serves as a unifying asset and appears across all touchpoints, from billboards and social media to trailers and the digital experience. 

“Creating the Max brand was a huge undertaking and opportunity to seamlessly blend the rich legacies of storytelling giants to ignite a new era of entertainment,” says Karun Agimal, design director of the long-term project.

This isn’t DixonBaxi’s first project working with an entertainment brand, having worked with Hulu, ITV, and Netflix in the past, where they’ve helped to unify and simplify these platforms.