Mr. Pringles is sporting a crisp new look
Posted on 2020 Dec,02

Ahead of the new year, Pringles announced that it would be bringing a new look to its canned chips, with its mustached mascot updated with a refreshed design that brings a more modern aesthetic to the packaging.

For the first time in 20 years, Kellogg’s is switching up Mr. Pringles’ (the mascot's name) look by giving each can a little makeover with bright, bold new colors and a cleaner, simplistic and minimalist design.

"With a sleeker look including a more dynamic mustache, sharper bow tie, sparkling eyes and expressive eyebrows, Mr. P's "Glow Up" puts the focus on the irresistible taste in every Pringles crisp and stack," reads the company statement  announcing the new and improved Pringles cans.

The redesigned cans started appearing on store shelves as of December, but they are set to roll out as part of Scorchin' Pringles, with the broader redesign set to take place "across all brand communications" in early 2021.

Actually the brand isn’t changing anything about the way its popular potato crisps taste and they’re keeping the iconic mustache. It's just the packaging that is getting a little end-of-year glow up.

“We spent the last two years in research and design to create a modern look for the cans and Mr. P’s style that reflects the bold flavor in every Pringles crisp and stack,” Gareth Maguire, senior director of marketing at Pringles, said in a press release. “While the look may be new on the outside, I’m proud to say that it doesn’t change the irresistible taste that’s always been on the inside of every Pringles can and celebrates the unique snacking experience that is part of every bite.”

To celebrate its rebrand, Pringles joined with America's football champion Victor Cruz for a social media contest, which gives contestants the chance to win an array of Pringles products in addition to $1,500. To enter the contest, fans were asked to post their favorite Pringles flavor on Twitter, along with the #FreshAsMrP Entry hashtag.