Pepsi has a new logo
Posted on 2023 Apr,01  | By ArabAd's staff

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Pepsi unveils its brand new logo! This news did not go unnoticed. Especially when we know that Pepsi has not made any modification of the latter for almost 15 years now.

Well beyond a simple rebranding, Pepsi's latest logo update isn't just a throwback to the past, but a strategic move to distance itself from its sugary image. 

By incorporating black, the same color as Pepsi Zero Sugar, and a modern, custom typeface the brand is clearly trying to adapt to the changing habits of today's consumers. The addition of black also gives the logo a sleek, upbeat and bold look that stands out on social media. 

The vibrant colours and clean cut may give Pepsi some more dominance in the market.

At the same time, this new update is designed to help the brand adapt to various environments—whether physical or digital, ranging from the supermarket shelf to the depths of the metaverse.

Pepsi new visual identity is said to better reflect the brand’s boldness and energy, connection to pop culture and digital ambitions. 

Pepsi will roll out the new look in North America this fall in time for the brand's 125th anniversary, and globally in 2024, marking the brand's next era with an eye toward the future.