Renault reveals new logo designed by Landor & Fitch
Posted on 2021 May,20

The famous Renault diamond has undergone an evolution following a two-year collaboration with global brand transformation company Landor & Fitch. Now, the announcement is official.

The new visual identity is without signatures or typograms, embodying Renault's renewal and bringing the brand into the modern and digital era.

While Renault's visual identity has evolved over time, the immediately recognizable diamond-shaped logo has been in place since 1925. The previous emblem, created in 1992 and with a minor redesign in 2015, needed to transform and reflect the new challenges of a modern international brand.

Today the lines of the new sign, present in the brand's heritage for almost a century, overlap to create a new dynamic brand in perpetual motion. The logo is an open-ended shape, intertwining without joining to create a symbol of inclusiveness, transparency and openness.

Landor & Fitch and Renault developed a film revealing this polymorphous logo. Using 3D and motion design, the symbol is celebrated and vibrates to the sound of music — a track taken from Renault's brand heritage and remastered by Start-Rec agency. The film showcases the multisensorial aspect of the new brand through the play of textures and movement. A perfect balance between recognizing its heritage while projecting it into the future.

Karl Saffre, Brand Identity Chief Designer at Renault, explains: "Our mission was to develop an identity that embodies the changes of the Renault brand towards more modernity and internationality. This co-creative work between Renault design teams and Landor & Fitch was guided by the obsession to create a polymorphic and living icon."

Jérémie Barry, Executive Creative Director at Landor & Fitch, explains: "This logo is like a still image of a brand in motion. It sets a new rhythm, a new line that builds on Renault's heritage to redefine its future. We thank the Renault design teams for giving us this opportunity to be associated with a historic moment for the brand."