Tarek Atrissi Design revives and revisits Qatar’s identity
Posted on 2021 Nov,01  | By ArabAd's staff

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The Qatar National Tourism Board has recently revamped its national brand identity in hope to increase further awareness ahead of the FIFA world Cup 2022.

This task was entrusted to Barcelona-based Tarek Atrissi Design Studio who had to work long hours to revive and revisit the iconic design of the country’s national identity, designed more than 15 years ago. 

In 2004, Tarek Atrissi Design studio developed a logo for the nation of Qatar that won various international awards and that stood out at the time for being an elegant Arabic typographic approach that brought to the Arabian gulf region a new sense of graphic minimalism in visual identities, particularly in nation branding.

The revival of the logo maintained the core concept of the initial typographic wordmark, yet the design was completely recreated: making the logo bolder and more present; updating and customizing its overall typography and lettering; enhancing the quality of the curves; refining its colors and addressing other issues that proved to be problematic during its usage in its first life.

The logo was worked out to the smallest detail, and two variations were made for different needs. One for use on a white background, and another version designed for use inverted on a colored background.

The Latin typography was custom designed to have the same contrast as the Arabic but lighter so that the Arabic stands out more.

The new elegant innovative Arabic lettering style of the word Qatar, carefully blends traditional elements with a contemporary interpretation, and has become the graphic signature of the country.

Its beauty is in its simplicity. The logo’s abstract forms open many possibilities for the viewer to see, while retaining the essential Arabic flavor that is modernly and elegantly expressed.

Initially, the new brand and identity were supposed to be launched in March 2020 in Germany at the ITB Berlin, the world’s leading travel trade show. After the cancelation of the event  due to the pandemic, the introduction of the new brand elements started to be introduced gradually as of the summer of 2021.