Brand Lounge: a decade and a makeover
Posted on 2016 Feb,17  | By ArabAd staff

Dubai-based independent brand consultancy firm Brand Lounge is celebrating its first decade in the business and is doing so by upgrading its identity.

“We stripped ourselves down and re-assembled our brand as we would for any of our clients,” says Brand Lounge Founder and CEO Hasan Fadlallah. The result has been a more tightly defined proposition and an up-to-date identity that reflects that.

“We’ve always tried to avoid being bracketed with the design shops and advertising agencies who design logos and make out this is what branding is about,” continued Fadlallah. “We’ve always been strategy led. We design brand identities and logos of course, but our focus is aligning entire businesses behind an idea that resonates with the sector that offers them the greatest opportunity. Brands drive everything that happens in a modern organisation – structures, processes, products and services - it’s no longer the other way around - and we help our clients transform into businesses fit for the new business paradigm”.

Brand Lounge’s longstanding promise is that it helps businesses leverage their differences. Standing out, being different is essential in today’s busy marketplace. “Brand Lounge has always been different. We underline that in our strap-line ‘The point of differentiation’. However, differentiation takes on a new relevance in the new digital age and our new logo represents our appreciation of this”.

The consultancy have taken the bold step of incorporating the “&” symbol in their logo. In digital culture such abbreviations are universal. But does that threaten legibility?

“We research our solutions, so we know that our audience – managers of contemporary businesses – read our name without missing a beat,” explained Fadlallah. “We’ve also made our ampersand different and uniquely ours by incorporating the colour palette that we’ve always used and which has come to represent the five-stage process we apply to our projects. And we’ve built the line ‘The Point Of Differentiation’ into our logo for the first time. After all, it’s what we are about. We really feel our new logo says a lot about who we are, plus, it’s bold and it’s different. Just as it should be,” he concluded.