Uber teams up with Wolff Olins for a new identity
Posted on 2018 Sep,14

Nearly two years since its last redesign, Uber has decided to change its identity once again. It has teamed up with brand agency Wolff Olins to give the brand a fresh start.

Built upon an updated set of ideals—safety, accessibility and ambition—the redesign highlights how Uber has made a positive impact in different areas around the world.
Speaking about the rebrand, Forest Young, creative director at Wolff Olins, said it aims to tell a “global mobility story” instead of solely focusing on the competition in this ride-sharing economy and about automobiles.
Wolff Olins partnered with design studio MCKL to create a custom typeface and logo for Uber. The new logo breaks away from the former design, which “evoked the history of cars,” with a capital “U” and the remaining letters in lower case.
The redesign wordmark has become more accessible worldwide, can be easily visualized, and looks more amiable overall with its rounded letters.
A new typeface called ‘Uber Move’ has also been introduced. The font is inspired by old typefaces of transportation such as ‘Highway Gothic’ and ‘DIN’.
The rebrand also comes with a new Uber app, where the Uber wordmark is emphasized against a black background. With these updated strategies, Uber wants to be “the way you move into the future.”