Yala Stop Brand Rolls out across Lebanon
Posted on 2018 Oct,27  | By ArabAd staff

Yala Stop, formerly known as MedMart, was a local convenience store for one of Lebanon’s gas station franchises. Beirut- based branding agency Wondereight was in charge of creating a whole new corporate identity for the store, one that looks modern, international and can be easily adaptable to any market, so that it pushes the store to reach its full local and regional franchising potential.

From initializing the concept creation to designing the packaging, rendering the interior and formulatiing the brand essence, “We had to make the shop stand out in looks and experience,” notes Walid Nasrallah, Wondereight co-founder and creative director.

After carrying out a market research and explored the shop’s in-store journey to understand its limitations and potentials, the creative team came up with “Yala Stop” concept. The word “Yala” is one of the most commonly used words by Arabic speakers. Likewise, the name “Yala Stop” indicates a sense of accessibility. Hence a new corporate identity with a fresh new logo was born.

“On the experience level, we coordinated with an interior designer to create a customer-friendly space for a guaranteed smooth shopping experience. The new scheme allocated different touch points throughout the shop, created specifically to upsell the brand’s private label line,” adds Nasralah.

Yala Stop” is set to take convenience to a whole new level. The revamped store started appealing to a new crowd. The new branding and well-crafted customer journey reeled an increase in the shop’s sales within the first week of its launch. Even the store’s private label line is standing out to shoppers.