Snap’s ‘Lens Creator Rewards’: a wonderful opportunity for AR Creators
Posted on 2023 Aug,02

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Given the incredible scale of augmented reality (AR) creation and engagement on Snapchat, the platform has announced the introduction of Lens Creator Rewards – a new program that empowers and rewards the creativity of both aspiring and established creators.

Lens Creator Rewards offers an additional opportunity for creators to build compelling Lenses regularly and get rewarded financially for their work every month. The program is designed to celebrate the most creative Lenses that help Snapchatters express themselves and have fun with friends – from imaginative new looks to try-ons to amazing AR scenes to explore.

Every month, a lens creator could be awarded USD7,200 for their top performing lens in the United States, India, and Mexico. Lens Creator Rewards is open to new and current Lens Studio community members from nearly 40 countries including the UAE and Saudi Arabia. As a platform that thrives on real relationships that drive real influence, Snap’s new program allows creators to advance their skills and grow their businesses.

The new program will be of great use to AR Creators in the region as they seek more rewarding ways to pursue what they love.

Saudi Arabia, India, and the United States are now amongst the top five markets where Lenses from Lens Creators achieve the most community engagement. The new Lens Creator Rewards program further reaffirms Snapchat’s commitment to creating opportunities for those who continue to inspire the community with their creativity and imagination.

With over 85% of Snapchat’s MENA daily users interacting with Lenses every day, Lens Creator Rewards makes for a fun addition to the platform’s continued efforts to support AR Creators across the region. 

Bringing monetization to the forefront while simultaneously providing audience growth opportunities, a wide range of creator-friendly features provide an effective marketplace that supports the future of content. As a result, Snapchat has a global community of more than 300,000 AR creators, developers, and teams, who have built more than 3 million Lenses that Snapchatters have viewed more than 5 trillion times.