Social Enterprise Thankyou Launches a Bold Initiative to Help End Extreme Poverty by Seeking Partnership with Competitors P&G and Unilever
Posted on 2020 Oct,18

Thankyou, an Australian based social enterprise is taking a bold step to help end extreme poverty globally. To achieve this global impact, Thankyou has extended a partnership invitation to P&G and Unilever - two of the world’s largest and most influential consumer goods companies and asking people around the world to utilize their social media platforms amplify the message.

An Australian based social enterprise, Thankyou has extended a partnership invitation to P&G and Unilever - two of the world’s largest and most influential consumer goods companies - to make and distribute its products globally, the UAE included, to help end extreme poverty. To convince these companies to take this bold move, Thankyou is asking people around the world to get involved and show the collective power of the many who believe in this change, through its campaign aptly named “No Small Plan.”

Thankyou offers consumer products, such as hand sanitizer and other personal care products, for the sole purpose of ending extreme poverty. After the costs involved in getting great products to consumers are taken care of, every cent left helps fund life-changing projects. The social entreprise was created to close the gap between the 736 million people living in extreme poverty around the world and the $63 trillion spent on consumer products each year.

'With $63 trillion spent on consumer goods each year while 736 million people are stuck in extreme poverty, we believe that business, as usual, is broken,” said Daniel Flynn, who founded Thankyou in 2008 along with Justine Flynn and Jarryd Burns. “But we also believe that we, together with people and a partnership with one of the two biggest consumer goods companies in the world, can change this by funneling the dollars spent on consumer goods towards ending extreme poverty.”

Currently, Thankyou only sells its products in Australia and New Zealand, but with COVID-19 increasing, both global poverty numbers and demand for personal care products such as hand sanitizers are rising. This is why Thankyou now seeks the help of two of the world’s largest consumer entities to make and distribute its products on a global scale.

If either P&G or Unilever chooses to accept Thankyou’s invitation, together they could change the course of history and route millions of consumer dollars to ending extreme poverty.

To encourage P&G and Unilever to say, “I’m in” and work with Thankyou to flip the system, Thankyou believes they need to see the collective impact of voices around the world rallying around one movement in the name of ending extreme poverty. To join Thankyou and show support, people can utilize their social media channels and follow these steps:
● Post a photo or share the campaign social title with the caption, “I’m in, are you?”
● Tag @proctergamble and @unilever
● Hashtag #thankyoutotheworld
● Share Thankyou’s video to help this spread even further

Thankyou has set virtual meetings with both P&G and Unilever to take place at the end of the campaign. On November 5, Thankyou will announce which company is “in” on one of the largest digital billboards in the world, in New York City’s Times Square.

Thankyou’s launch campaign is titled “No Small Plan” because changing the course of history by redirecting millions of consumer dollars towards ending extreme poverty in this lifetime is, indeed, no small plan.

To date, Thankyou has partnered with over 14 organizations and given $17 million to its impact partners who are serving the world’s poor, helping over 857,000 people in need in 22 countries, including Australia.