Dubai-Based Comms Agencies on Instagram: Our Top Picks
Posted on 2016 Nov,28  | By Christina Fakhry

After tracking the posting patterns of the region’s top advertising agencies on Instagram, we noticed the sheer absence of a clear strategy in terms of content coupled with highly irregular posting frequencies. It seems that MENA creatives are too busy creating content for brands to be able to dedicate time for managing their respective agencies’ online presence on the photo-sharing platform. But despite the predominant lack of organisation, below are a few agencies that have managed to make the cut.


Socialize Agency 

• Posts: 589
• Followers: 1,805
• Following: 72
• Average number of likes per post (based on last 15 posts): 33
Leading Dubai-based digital communication agency Socialize has the most range when it comes to the type and richness of content shared to Instagram. In addition to consistently documenting agency life through pictures and videos, the agency shares relevant quotes and snippets from its creative work on a regular basis and has more recently introduced a #HumansOfSocialize photo series which echoes the stories that are found on Humans of New York.


• Posts: 421
• Followers: 832
• Following: 227
• Average number of likes per post (based on last 15 posts): 51
OMD MENA’s Instagram feed is solely centered around the team’s various activities as the posting frequency accentuates whenever members of the team are taking part in a certain event or conference. The color of the logo is a visual constant in most of the photos regardless of whether they are branded or not which gives the account an overall positive sense of consistency.

Leo Burnett MENA 

• Posts: 164
• Followers: 1,180
• Following: 189
• Average number of likes per post (based on last 15 posts): 48
Despite not being particularly generous in terms of posting, Leo Burnett MENA relatively remains one of the most followed regional ad agencies on Instagram. And while many of their posts on the platform are branded designs, their feed ranks high when it comes to variety, with special emphasis on the prizes they have earned as part of various international awards.

Y&R Dubai 

• Posts: 403
• Followers: 564
• Following: 152
• Average number of likes per post (based on last 15 posts): 39
Regularly updated and aesthetically thoughtful, Y&R Dubai’s Instagram account is one of the liveliest among its counterparts. It features a constellation of behind-the-scenes pictures and videos in addition to a number of posts depicting agency life and team spirit. The captions, however, are loaded with hashtags without nevertheless being particularly informative or suitable.

MullenLowe MENA 

• Posts: 382
• Followers: 831
• Following: 215
• Average number of likes per post (based on last 15 posts): 39
MullenLowe MENA used to be one of the most prolific and creative Dubai-based agencies posting-wise yet has not been particularly active on Instagram since June 2016. Their account encompasses a panoply of posts including videos of their creative work and client campaigns, individual portraits of team members in action, occasional job postings and a panoply of cute office moments. 

Mindshare MENA 

• Posts: 328
• Followers: 488
• Following: 189
• Average number of likes per post (based on last 15 posts): 52
• Average number of comments per post (based on last 15 posts): 24
Busy, trendy and colorful, Mindshare MENA’s Instgram feed has been the most frequently updated among its counterparts over the past few months. Content is predominantly geared towards agency news and candid pictures and photo collages of the team at work but has recently shifted more towards women-themed branded designs in homage to the Breast Cancer Awareness Month.