Patrick Lahoud: Finding Passion in Digital
Posted on 2016 Mar,12

Patrick Lahoud, MD of Accelarate ME Online, talks about running one of the oldest digital agencies in KSA while sharing his optimist forecast.

How would you describe the KSA’s digital landscape?

KSA is one of the best digital markets in the world. The country has 90 million daily YouTube viewers. In addition, the local online users are known for their high engagement, which lends brands big opportunities for great exposure.

The marketing media mix is obviously changing with digital occupying a greater share of the communication sector. So, are local advertisers pouring more money into digital and how do they feel about social media and online advertising? 

Marketing is changing and with it, advertisers who are encouraged by the verifiably-tangible results and lower costs of online advertising compared to other advertising mediums.

What are some of the top trends in the kingdom with regard to online advertising? 

The latest trends are being directed to promoting customised/tailour-made content on all social networks. Google and Facebook remain the leading channels for budget spending. However, both Instagram and Snapchat are showing organic growth and are starting to trend.

What has been the biggest barrier when it comes to clients considering the implementation of integrated digital campaigns?

The main barrier was their lack of knowledge of this new industry along with their traditional belief in the effectiveness of offline marketing.

The distinction between types of agencies has today shrank, while the ability to deliver a whole package has become the core competency for any marketing related company. 

Where do you stand out in that complex shift?

Accelerate Online is a specialised full-fledged digital and social media boutique and is one of the oldest digital agencies operating in KSA. Our long and professional experience in the market and our satisfied customer base make us stand out in that competitive environment. 

How do you see the future of digital media in the Kingdom evolving? 

In the coming years the digital business will keep growing, and I do expect to reach 40% to 60% of total advertising budgets.

What are some of the campaigns you’ve worked on lately?

Mega Sale of eXtra Stores has been a big success in the local market and we are confident that we could achieve a 400 percent increase in e-commerce sales. For this event, we were awarded the Best Digital Partner from eXtra Stores in 2015.

With the proliferation of digital shops in KSA, what distinguishes your agency?

Put simply, the passion! This is our core approach when working with each client! We work with love, excitement and dedication! After all, Online Marketing is all what we do!