Kuwaiti Blogs under the Spotlight
Posted on 2015 Dec,16  | By Christina Fakhry

Here is a selection of Kuwaiti blogs that we recommend you follow. These five blogs have different flavors, yet they are all Kuwaiti-themed and are worth a read whether you’re interested in books, food, family stories, fashion or lifestyle.

Danderma’s Blog: Recipes, Books and Beautiful Destinations

Launched in 2008 by vibrant Kuwaiti blogger Danderma, the blog features a charming constellation of book, food and hospitality reviews coupled with a variety of appetizing recipes.

How would you describe the evolution of your blog?
The blog started at a time when bloggers in Kuwait were anonymous and would simply write for the sake of sharing stories of their lives. Then came the blog-boom where bloggers where the hottest new trend in K-town and the commercial value of their blogs skyrocketed, and my blog was there at the heart of it. Now, with the era of smartphones and Snapchat, blogs are back to where they started, a place where you still share your thoughts and life with the rest of the world. It’s a bit more relaxed now, no pressure to produce several posts each day like the old days, and posts that do make the cuts and get published are carefully thought about and deserve to be published. 

How did you first decide to launch? 
I used to comment on blogs, A LOT! When my comments began to compete in length with the blog posts I was commenting on, one of the bloggers encouraged me to open up a blog of mine and although I wasn't sure how it would work out for me at first, I now believe this choice was one of the soundest choices I’ve ever made. It changed my life in a very good way, no regrets there. 

What makes your content unique in your opinion? 
My content is unique because my content is me, and everyone is born unique and different. It is only as we try to fit in with the majority that we lose our ‘uniqueness’ and become copies of each other. Because I let my passions, what I like and believe in, lead the way to what I want to write my posts and therefore my blog and its personality come out different and unique. 

If you were to pick just one word to represent your blog, what would it be? 

What motivates you to keep going with your blogging after all this time? 
Once I started blogging, the way I think was changed forever. Sometimes when I'm away for too long from my blog I find myself writing blogposts in my mind. I go over the lines, the paragraphs, what pictures I want to attach, and the post keeps repeating again and again until I sit down to write it up and publish it. I think it has become a part of myself, leaving behind digital breadcrumbs of your moments in life, and as long as it makes me happy and content I will keep doing it. 

Danderma will continue to create vibrant posts with pictures pulsing with life and is currently “itching for new content” to put up on her blog. She is on the lookout for new passions to write about and would not mind investing in new photography gear along the way.


His & Hers: The Stories of a Kuwaiti Couple  

‘His & Her’ is home to the stories, thoughts and adventures of a happily married Kuwaiti couple who identify with the fictional characters of Hello Kitty and Stewie Griffin.

How would you describe the evolution of your blog?
Well the blog gradually expanded to other areas of social media such as Instagram and Twitter. Still, we are not active on all social media platforms as we think it might shatter the focus on us.

How did you first decide to launch?
‘His’ started blogging in 2004 while ‘Her’ was studying abroad. When the two got married in 2008, they wanted to share their passions with each other and thus came up with the idea of starting a joint blog.

What makes your content unique in your opinion?
Our opinion is based entirely on our honesty. We like to give space to each other to post what we think about and allow ourselves the freedom to express our opinions without passing judgement on each other. 

If you were to pick just one word to represent your blog, what would it be?

What motivates you to keep going with your blogging after all this time?
Although life took away most of our time as we are currently raising two children, we try to keep updating our social media platforms with family pics and useful information. We see social media as a good way to share our experience and thoughts, which can help us and help others. 

The couple always wanted to have our own show, and with all the new live apps on the market today, they might have something cooking up.


Confashions from Kuwait: A Sketchpad for Fashion Musings

•  Founded: 2007
•  Twitter: @Confashion | Followers: 6k
•  Instagram: @confashions | Followers: 102k

‘Confashions from Kuwait’ provides readers with the latest fashion and lifestyle updates from a Kuwaiti perspective, all while unearthing exciting new finds and showcasing the season’s must-haves. With over 4,000 published posts and more than 102k followers on Instagram to date, the blog stands as one of the most influential fashion blogs in the region and was featured in many print and online publications including Moda Operandi, Marie Claire and Style.com Arabia. 


2:48 AM: Everything Kuwait

• Founded: 2005
• Twitter: @mark248am | Followers: 5k
• Instagram: @mark248am | Followers: 5k

This popular Kuwaiti blog initially emerged from a project called Miskan.com by which Mark Alias 2:48 AM was taking a picture every day and posting it up on the blog. And since he was able to gather a considerable amount of good shots, he decided to open up a new blog. 2:48 AM features everything from tech and food reviews to Kuwaiti news and events. It’s an excellent stop for readers to get an idea of the things-to-do and places-to-visit in Kuwait.


Crazy yet Wise: A Wise Mom with a Crazy Twist 

• Founded: 2010
•  Twitter: @crazyyetwise | Followers: 1.2k
•  Instagram: @crazyyetwise | Followers: 15.4k

Run by crazy but wise Kuwaiti mom Swera, an English literature graduate and daytime Marketing Executive, the blog blends book and hospitality reviews and personal experiences. Supported by her family and colleagues, Swera decided to give blogging a shot to share her passion for reading, travel and culture.