LIA Initiates an Industry First 
One-to-One Virtual Coaching Program Under Creative Liaisons
Posted on 2021 Feb,16

London International Awards (LIA) has created a coaching and networking program to develop, educate, inspire and grow young creative talent.

London International Awards (LIA) is a global festival honoring creativity and new ideas in Advertising, Production, Digital, Design, Health, Pharma, Music & Sound, Technology, Data and Branded Entertainment. The awards, founded in 1986 by President Barbara Levy, began by honoring advertising in the realms of Cinema, Television, Print and Radio, evolving since its inception into 25 unique media types.

The goal of this program set under the awards' 'Creative LIAisons' projects is to give young creatives access to learn from some of the most experienced people working in our industry and related industries.

The mentee selection process will open in March and the coaching sessions will take place between April and July 2021. Further information on becoming a mentee will be released in the beginning of March. This exclusive and enriching global program will be limited to 100 mentees, who are currently working in the industry.

The opportunity to have one-to-one coaching sessions with some of the finest creative minds is a golden opportunity for young creatives working in this business. This game-changing training academy is a powerful springboard for the next generation of talent.

LIA is doing this by offering a virtual coaching experience to create personal connections through direct one-to-one interaction that on a global level has never been offered anywhere else in the industry. This program will allow young talent to tap into the minds, expertise and experiences of respected industry stars.

Their interaction is with not just one, but three ‘Creative Coaches’ from around the globe. These personal e-coaching sessions, of an hour each, with three different established industry leaders are private and bespoke. They will cover all disciplines from creative, to strategy, to account management, etc., with emphasis on skill development, how to work and navigate in these virtual times and how to establish future directions to meet the ever-shifting demands of the global work environment. In addition, there will be several virtual, group speaker sessions, which mentees will be able to sign up for.

LIA believes creativity is the most valuable asset in the business today. That’s why each session is designed to develop and grow young talent, coaching them to their full potential. This program, through its one-to-one coaching, will be able to take a talent to a place they can’t take themselves, to see in people what they can’t see in themself.

“You can’t teach creativity but you can coach talent. Getting real time one-to-one coaching with industry luminaries is a complete privilege and an extremely rare opportunity. But we are going to make it happen. Unlike virtual seminars or webinars, this program is a platform where mentees get up-close and personal face-time with their player coaches. Given the current climate, LIA wants to support the creative industry by offering a digital space where they can learn, seek specific expert advice and make invaluable connections with industry leaders,” said Barbara Levy, President of LIA.

She added: “We have always had an ingrained belief in two things – great work and giving back to the industry by nurturing and inspiring young talent. This program is dedicated to exactly those values and we are excited that we can continue to give back to our industry in this way; LIA is perfectly positioned to do so with Creative LIAisons, despite what is happening globally. We are, as always, working in close collaboration with all the top creatives to propel the industry forward.”