The 2021 PHNX Awards Take Flight
Posted on 2021 Apr,28

Conceived last year as a way of raising the spirits of the creative community during the crisis, the PHNX awards will rise again in 2021 with an evolved format. This time around they will celebrate creativity that can impact tomorrow’s world.

The event, which originally launched to help the creative community navigate the crisis, returns this year with a new mission: TRANSFORMATION.

Founder Philippe Paget comments: “We can’t create a new world, but we definitely need to transform the old one.”
As with last year’s event, the uniquely diverse jury will include creatives, agency leaders, brands, consultants, journalists, strategists – in other words, people from every corner of the communications industry.

Judging will take place from June 14 to 27 with a live online event on July 8. Since the PHNX is about renewal, there are new categories, new judging criteria and a new Grand Prix selection process. The awards are now open for entries until June 11.

The five categories:
01. Transform a brand: Work that changes the way a brand looks, communicates and behaves.
02. Transform an industry: Work that has the potential to impact the future strategy of an entire business sector.
03. Transform communications: New and innovative methods of communicating via alternative media, creative technology, experiences, events etc.
04. Transform working: Projects that improve the lives of employees and change the way people work.
05. Transform lives: Work that has the potential to solve a challenge facing society: inequity, climate change, poverty, illness etc.

The work will be judged on three criteria: The level of innovation and creativity; the potential impact; the quality of execution. In another new twist, Grand Prix nominees will be able to present their work live in conversation with the jury.

To cover some costs while ensuring accessibility, there will be a nominal entry free of just €50. The decision to bring back the PHNX awards was sparked by the phenomenal response to last year’s event, which featured 450 jury members from 120 countries and more than 4000 entries.

“We fully expect this new take on the PHNX awards to be just as popular and groundbreaking,” commented Philippe Paget, CEO of AdForum, which is the awards’ official partner.